“The Creative” – Tattoo Artist (Feat. Raoul Goetze)

This is first in a series I call “The Creative”.  What I hope to do is photograph people in their artistic, creative element.  Capturing that moment of creativity, and witnessing their creation at work.

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There is nothing quite like being creative.  From the time that light bulb went off in your head and sparked that initial idea.  You focus in, slowly peeling away at your idea – discarding what you don’t like, keeping what you do.  Over time you see your creation grow ever more closer to completion.  As time moves along you notice old ideas give rise to new better ones, and slowly you see your creative work take form and shape till finally you are left with a magnificent sculpture of creativity.  You step back and look at your initial idea; all the unwanted chiselled away leaving you with your final creation and an incredible sense of accomplishment.  YOU made this out of nothing.  Just an idea.  Now THAT is extraordinary!

Check out Raoul at Wildfire tattoos in Longstreet or check out www.tattoo.co.za  Please also check out his personal website, http://www.raoulgoetze.com/

Good men, best men, bestest man!

I was fortunate enough to be asked to be one of the best men at my Very good friends wedding.  So I thought it would be a good idea to have my camera handy with me.  Now I’m in NO way a wedding photographer.  I think it’s a skill all on its own.  Not only do you have to know how to take awesome photographs and think on the spot, but you also have to know how to deal with different kinds of people and also HOW to direct people.  All of which I’m pretty terrible at.  I was also asked to give a bit of a speech…For 150 of their guests.  Public speaking is another skill Im yet to conquer.  How did it go?  Well it didn’t kill me.  So my mind was pre occupied with that, instead of composing great photographs.  So when I needed to I just cranked the ISO up, hence why alot of the photographs are grainy.  I HATE using my on camera flash as it just blows all shadows out and leaves me with a boring flat image.  Whereas when I crank the ISO I may get grainy images but personally I feel it brings out the mood of the moment.  A flash gun would be ideal, but alas, they are too expensive for me and I’m a big believer in using what you have.  This is all I had. But it was indeed a beautiful occasion and it really did deserve to be recorded.  

The photographer, who had the privilege of shooting this wedding, was Joletta-Luise Els and I have had the pleasure of seeing her in action in another wedding before.  She was really fantastic.  She was really flexible, went with the flow and her images are truly are fantastic.  Check out her amazing work at www.photocreation.synthasite.com

So here is THE day for Warren and Tamlyn Cox.  Congratulations guys, it was a beautiful wedding and even though I know you guys are going to have an amazing life together, I still wish you all the best! X

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Deep end of the studio…

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Last Friday I was asked to do an emergency 3 hour studio photo shoot for musician, Kyle Pietersen. AWESOME. Unfortunately, truth be told, I have very little studio and lighting experience. I understand how light works but haven’t had the opportunity to play around with different lighting techniques. This stressed me out. I had about 3 and a half hours to try capture 5 or so different options to promote his album which is to be released shortly. Although I lacked hands on studio and lighting experience, a bit of common sense really does go a long way!
I found thinking things through a couple of times before I actually did it really helps. It was really a great exercise being thrown into the deep end like that. There is a definite feeling of accomplishment, especially when the client is happy, which I’m happy to say he was!
We did the shoot at Black Dog Studios in Observatory, it’s really a fantastic studio and I really encourage the Cape Town photographers to check it out. It’s in a central area and more importantly the vibe you get from the place is stimulating and creative. The owners are great and they really interested in developing the photographic community, which is always brilliant. Whats even better is that they have a communal darkroom for hire! I think its great because I think that is going to be my next step…Developing my own prints!

For the folk out there interested in what I used for this shoot I shot on my Canon 30D. Mostly using 50mm 1.8 and for the wider shots I used my ol 18-55 Efs lens. It definitely needs an upgrade! Lighting wise I’m not too sure what make they were, but they were great. I used one beauty dish and one flash light with softbox, all shot with radio trigger.

That was my shoot and I can definitely say I’m keen to get back into studio to shoot more…When the wallet allows!

Check out Black Dog Studios at http://www.blackdogstudios.co.za/

Mother nature is a woman too…

August 9th we celebrated women’s day. A chance for us all to celebrate the feminine. My girlfriend and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful “winter” weather and took a drive…and then a walk around Silverhurst estate. It was like being teleported to another world. For a moment all hustle and bustle of city life fell away as the cadence of nature took over. I hope you all had a great women’s day, this lil post is a tribute to THE woman in all our lives…


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Using the neglected telephoto…

So as I have mentioned before this blog is here to mainly encourage me to photograph more. Be more adventurous, which will hopefully train my eye. I love wide-angle lenses. I love wide-angle photographs and I love shooting wide. So I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought a Sigma 70-300mm lens years ago. I have only used it a handful of times and I’ve even tried selling it before, but it still resides in my camera bag. It’s actually a great lens and I have decided to try and use it more! So in my bloggish attempt to encourage myself to take more photos, here are a very few shots I did this weekend using my Sigma telephoto! Nothing mind bendingly(made-up word) amazing, just a few photographs to better myself and to keep this here blog a goin!

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P.s Now that I see these pics they were all shot on 70mm with quite a high ISO for some of them, all hand held. Just F.Y.I stuff! 🙂