Using the neglected telephoto…

So as I have mentioned before this blog is here to mainly encourage me to photograph more. Be more adventurous, which will hopefully train my eye. I love wide-angle lenses. I love wide-angle photographs and I love shooting wide. So I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought a Sigma 70-300mm lens years ago. I have only used it a handful of times and I’ve even tried selling it before, but it still resides in my camera bag. It’s actually a great lens and I have decided to try and use it more! So in my bloggish attempt to encourage myself to take more photos, here are a very few shots I did this weekend using my Sigma telephoto! Nothing mind bendingly(made-up word) amazing, just a few photographs to better myself and to keep this here blog a goin!

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P.s Now that I see these pics they were all shot on 70mm with quite a high ISO for some of them, all hand held. Just F.Y.I stuff! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Using the neglected telephoto…

  1. I used to have a neglected 70-300mm Sigma in the bag as well – got talked into buying one when I bought my first Canon film SLR. Never really liked that lens, so decided to sell it and invest the proceeds into a Canon 85mm f/1.8… A fantastic lens! I still don’t shoot that often at longer focal lengths, but when I need the 85 it’s amazing to use and incredibly sharp (in fact, it’s sharper wide open than my copy of the 70-300 was at any aperture).

    – Francois /

    1. LOL, thanks for the comment Francois! I know what you mean, it seemed like a really great idea, but then I started prefering wider lenses. That 85mm sounds great! I would love to get a smorgasbord of lenses and just have fun! But I think Im going to hold on to the good ol Sigma tele…The image quality is great and who knows when a telephoto might come it use! Crowds of insane people tend to freak me out at times 🙂

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