“The Creative” – Tattoo Artist (Feat. Raoul Goetze)

This is first in a series I call “The Creative”.  What I hope to do is photograph people in their artistic, creative element.  Capturing that moment of creativity, and witnessing their creation at work.

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There is nothing quite like being creative.  From the time that light bulb went off in your head and sparked that initial idea.  You focus in, slowly peeling away at your idea – discarding what you don’t like, keeping what you do.  Over time you see your creation grow ever more closer to completion.  As time moves along you notice old ideas give rise to new better ones, and slowly you see your creative work take form and shape till finally you are left with a magnificent sculpture of creativity.  You step back and look at your initial idea; all the unwanted chiselled away leaving you with your final creation and an incredible sense of accomplishment.  YOU made this out of nothing.  Just an idea.  Now THAT is extraordinary!

Check out Raoul at Wildfire tattoos in Longstreet or check out www.tattoo.co.za  Please also check out his personal website, http://www.raoulgoetze.com/


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