Just shooting…

These photographs are from the same shoot as the previous post.  I’m just trying to shoot more with a human element involved, something I need to do more of!  When I shoot I  always shoot to RAW and use Photoshop CS3’s RAW converter.  I like to see the RAW converter or the “digital darkroom” as a way to develop my digital images.  Minus the chemicals and time it takes…Although, having said that, film is definitely an avenue I intend on exploring.  When the time is right.  So for now my Canon 30D will do 🙂

I played a little bit with some of the images, pulling out quite a bit of green in some of them.  I found this worked, especially when the scarf was a little lost with the background.  The scarf was blue, so I was able to pull out the green without effecting its hue.  If anyone has any questions, please leave me a comment or email me thellamastar@gmail.com

Model: Natalie Lucia

Hair: Melissa from Cadillac Barbie

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Unfocused effect

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Sometimes we need to just forget about the rules and “go with it”.  Whilst I was out photographing my girlfriend (working on human subjects and portraits) I decided to switch to manual focus and get a blurry image.  I thought the surroundings added to the effect of my subject not being in focus.  It gave my image an eerie quality to it; surreal even.  These two unfocused images brought to my mind a haunting image of a spirit; just visible but not quite there.  Playing around with camera settings is fun, IF you have the time and patience.   Sometimes we need to break away from the rules a) to learn something new and b) just to have fun and renew our passion by doing something out of the ordinary; you may just find you like it!  I leave you with a quote from that guy in that movie, which has nothing to do with photography…Photography can sometimes be a box of chocolate – you never know what you are going to get.

Yes.  I changed the quote. 

P.s.  I will post the other focused photographs in the very nearish future 🙂

Self Enlightenment

For far too long have we found others to blame, rarely readily to take and accept responsibility.  Too few exceptions exist.  Self-improvement and enlightenment are words I hear in use but rarely seen in practice.  When we realize we, ourselves, are our own limits; we can grow and expand our consciousness and truly evolve.  It starts with you.  It’s up to you.  Become self enlightened.

Long exposure – The multi-faceted self

Is it as simple as being one person?  Or is slightly more complex than that? Since birth, life has been a varied assortment of experiences and with every experience something is learned.  After years go by you start to familiarize you with yourself, discovering your likes and dislikes.  You begin to fuel your likes because this makes you happy.  Soon you find out your likes turn to passion and passion becomes inspiration and you pursue it.  But you notice you have a whole hosts of likes and passions, dislikes and peeves.  And within this one person all their results of experiences are kept in balance, and every now and then a facet will dominate ever so slightly, subconsciously egging you on to feed it. 

Shooting through…

As I have mentioned before, this little blog is to help encourage me to photograph more and hopefully photograph a variety of subjects and themes, whilst hopefully defining my own style.  But it’s not just about photographing more.  It’s also about trying to see a subject differently.  I enjoy looking at your regular, everyday objects and really try to see it differently to what others might see.

These few photographs are the subjects we pass, see and use without thought.  They may entertain us visually for a few moments, so I’ve captured images of what we would see through these everyday objects…

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For those who are not sure what I was shooting through, they were: peep-hole, kaleidoscope and another camera.