Tattoo and art

So last Friday Wildfire tattoos in Long Street had an art exhibition at Yours Truly Coffee Shop – also in Long Street.  It was Halloween weekend and so the theme was “Día de los Muertos” a fitting theme!  The artists of the Long Street parlour (Manuela Gray, Rico Swanepoel and Raoul Goetze) each had a selection of work from tattoo inspired prints to Dia de los Muertos styled masks.  For those folk who may be a little closed or narrow-minded to tattoo culture, I encourage you to look a little deeper than permanent images on skin.  Despite what you may think, I find art covers a broader area than the usual suspects of “fine art”.  With technology and trends constantly changing, art and creativity has spread…like Wildfire.  Drum fill. Tumble weed. Cough.

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These artists showed me that their craft and skill doesn’t begin and end with tattooing.  These are in fact incredible artists and designers.  I think a lot of people don’t actually appreciate what goes into creating a beautiful piece of art and to have it immortalised on your skin till death do you part.  These artists don’t only know what works in an image and how to draw, they know how to place an image over muscles and how different skin types react to ink etc.

So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo (not a scratching) please, respect the artist.  YOU are the one who sought out their work because word of their talent reached you.  Be patient.  It takes time to draw up and design a custom tattoo – it is art.  They take care in their work because its their name and quality on the line and you need to appreciate that.    If they have suggestions, don’t just dismiss it because it doesn’t fit with the idea you have in your head – There is often a reason why they make a suggestion, so don’t be stubborn.  Hear them out instead of disregarding their ideas.  It could be the difference between having a mediocre tattoo and a mind blastingly awesome one!

Keep an eye out on the up coming Tattoo Convention being held in January!  Its going to be awesome! Go visit and check what it is all about!


4 thoughts on “Tattoo and art

  1. agreed, people tend to forget that tattoos are art.
    i have a few, they’re small and placed all over but am dying to get my sleeve.
    i know the muscles in the body having had to study them and i take my hat off to these ladies and gents who sit for hours meticulously etching onto flesh what someone has asked and i cringe every time i see someone with some sort of generic cookie cutter piece.

    1. EXACTLY! And I hear and see it all the time. People all too impatient to get tattooed. I cant help but think that for them its just another trend! And when they are given a suggestion they are so quick to give give the artist or receptionist a piece of their meaningless opinion. People, people, people. If only there were fewer of us…with more like-mindedness!

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