Acrobatics of Skateboarding

This past weekend was awesome.  I had performed on Friday, satisfying both my  guitar/music writing side as well as my drumming side.  On Saturday I was able to walk around nature in a beautiful garden and take photographs (see previous post) and on Sunday celebrated a friend’s birthday by photographing them skate.  I was able to feed all my passions this past weekend and it felt great.  Balance.

I’ve never photographed skateboarding before…or any kind of sport for that matter, but I really enjoyed it.  Everything moves so quickly and that “perfect” shot is gone in a fraction of a second.  I had to make sure my shutter was fast enough to freeze the frame and when I looked back at the images it seemed like full on acrobatics.  I ended up photographing the “imperfect” shot.  A split second frozen in time.  I found it quite amazing how they are able to manoeuvre their limbs which in turn manoeuvre their board to pull off a trick.  Incredible.  I found myself capturing more of their efforts than getting that shot of them landing a trick – Sorry Marco.  I just found the way the body of a skater contorts based around their board incredible.  I can easily spend an entire day photographing skaters defying gravity, amazing to watch!

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