It’s the winding down of a crazy year for many of us.  A brief chance to shake off the past year and try reset before the most popular year takes hold.  Many of us will look apon this last year and take stock of all the good and all the mad and bad we have experienced.  This is the time of year we reflect on our thoughts and try make sense of this year of existence and hopefully we have learned from our collective experience.  We need to reflect from time to time as life continues.  It may be the end of a year but cycles have no end.  The seasons will come and go, change is imminent and life will continue.  Like the cyclic nature of the seasons brings change from time to time it also brings back the familiar, almost as if this life force is allowing us time to learn from it.  Since there ultimately is no “end” ; every end gives rise to a beginning, surely we can learn from these cycles.  We need to take the time to learn by observation and reflection.

Many people reflect in their quiet time, whatever that may be.  Some people use sports and others art.  These photographs are reflections off a window of my girlfriend painting.  I love watching her paint.  There is a calm about it, but yet a focus, possibly her place where she can reflect.  We all need that outlet.  So this year-end reflect on the world, reflect on your personal life, reflect on this life and what it is/means for you.  Hopefully this end-of-year-reflection will leave us a bit wiser and on solid ground for the most talked about year…

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I don’t shoot flash very often, even in low light.  I like to bump up the ISO even if it does bring about grain.  I feel it brings more of the feeling of how that moment really was.  These photographs were shot on 3200 ISO off a window in our lounge with the street in the background.


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