Cape Tattoo Convention 2012

What  is a tattoo convention like? Well if you are into the culture and can really appreciate body art, then I’d imagine its a lot like a junkie walking into a crack-house.  Some of the worlds most amazing tattoo artists under one roof, available to etch a beautiful piece of art onto your body FOREVER.  Now in its fourth year, the convention seems to be out doing itself year by year.  Tattoos are a lot more popular these days, not only for bikers and pirates, it’s for moms too!  The convention saw a wide variety of people from different walks of life, different styles and different cliques come together and appreciate this art form and its artists.  Has your perception of tattoos changed somewhat?  I think a lot of people still need to understand that tattoos and body art do not determine personalities or what kind of person you are.  Those ancient pre-conceived ideas need to fall away.  Tattoos (if done properly) are beautiful works of art, and just like good works of art, should last forever.  This is a glimpse into the S.I.X tattoo convention which was held at the BMW Pavillion in the Waterfront.  Enjoy…

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S.I.X Art exhibition 24/01/2012

This past weekend was the tattoo convention and to launch it, Wildfire held an art exhibition featuring a wide variety of art and artists.  From tattoo inspired art to photography, everything was covered.  They even had a fully functional 6 hole tattoo-putt-putt course for visitors to play a little drunken mini-golf.  Fun!  My next post will be the actual convention, so keep a peeper on the blog for more photographs of pain…

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The Collaboration

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Summer is here.  Its hot and sticky and I have noticed many people now have tattoos.  Body art.  It is also tattoo convention time just around the corner.  International artists will be heading to our shores to showcase their art work and we all have the opportunity to book sessions with these amazing artists.  For the buildup to the convention, a few of the local artists were given permission to paint  a mural on a wall in Gardens.  It was a scorching hot Sunday, but despite the obtrusive sun and its searing heat, the artists still worked at it in the mid day sun, with nothing but a few aloe-type shrubbery to cast a warm shade where everyone took turns to escape the sun.  Despite the heat, they worked pretty fast.  They finished the painting in the span of about 3 hours, only to discover that the stencil of the lady was dwarfed by the size of the wall.  It was decided to blow up the stencil and just aswell, it is now a beautiful strong image that catches your eye.  I hope it stays up.  These artists are amazing and their work is, as one would expect by the way they hold a passion for their craft, incredible.  Keep an eye out for the Southern Ink Exposure Tattoo Expo happening NEXT WEEKEND! 

Due to technical problems, I was unable to edit these photographs.  So unfortunately I have sensor dust for everyone to see…

Walking the walk, talking the talk…

Since I have started this blogging thing, I have found myself more immersed in my thoughts.  Really thinking about life, the universe and everything – as Douglas Adams once put it.  My original intention of my blog was to encourage myself to photograph more, which it has been doing, but it is almost as if it is evolving into something more than just photography.  This blog has potential to do more than just showcase photographs that I take.  Through taking photographs I am observing.  I’m observing life, interactions and consequences, and it has made me think.  It has helped sculpted philosophies and conclusions within me, leaving me with purpose.  It doesn’t end there.  What is the point of observing life, making choices and drawing conclusions if I’m not going to apply them to my life?  Yes, we see it on social networks and over-hear it in the work place – hypocrisy.  At some stage we are all guilty of it, the difference though is being aware of it.  It annoys me somewhat when hearing people say one thing only to turn their back to contradict themselves in action or word.  That is what I do not want to be.  Make your bed and lay in it.  Over the last year or so I have drawn many conclusions, and I’m sure those views may slowly evolve as I observe life more, but I’m determined to stick as close as possible to these philosophies that I have discovered via personal observation.  So this blog will not only contain photographs but also interesting topics that I find relevant and important to share, so there may be a more re-bloggin a goin on.   Its time to solidify what we believe and think, regardless whether it will eventually change.  Stick to YOUR beliefs; you are what you learn, not what some institution has “taught” you.  Use your mind and discretion, but make a decision and stand firm… This vehicle is going to be used to spread the good, not the bullshit.

This is something that I saw posted on Facebook.  I thought this was important enough to re-blog, so I highly encourage you to download this PDF and read it!  The opening quote itself is incredible;  “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

-R. Buckminster Fuller


This book, “The First Civilization”, was created in order to further awareness and acceptance of a Resource Based Economy by explaining and defending this system from a scientific perspective. Beginning with a brief introduction on human behavior and its relationship to the environment, this book is divided into 3 main sections:

1. A detailed description of what an RBE could look like and how it might be run, including the specific technologies that could be employed.

2. An attempt to address and disprove many of the questions, concerns and objections that have been brought up in response to the RBE concept.

3. A general description of an experimental protocol that could be used to test the RBE idea and provide a scientific basis from which to push for a transition.

The book can be downloaded for free in pdf format here

Forced Perspective

This is what they called forced perspective.  Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is.  This is simple photograph where I was just playing around with the idea of forced perspective and what is possible.  It was as simple as putting the suitcase on small table which is hidden by the suitcase.  I shot with quite narrow depth of field which exaggerates the effects even more.