The Circus

This is my first photographic post for 2012!  I’ve always wanted to take a photograph of the circus in Obs.  It has this weird freaky quality to it.  So I wanted to get a photo when it was slightly cloudy to emphasise  its creepiness.  I guess it’s that childhood feeling of not liking clowns that gives the circus its surreal, creepy quality.

unfortunately I couldn’t get a shot within its grounds…but perhaps I’ll explore this circus theme in a later post.  That would actually make a rad series…


After re-looking at the photographs I took of the circus I decided to add it to this post.  The main reason I didn’t originally add it is because I didn’t clean up the sensor dirt in the upper left corner.   But the I looked at it, and although the RAW file is quite heavily processed, I still quite rather like it!  I made it really contrasty and tinted it abit…but never pulled it into Photoshop to remove the sensor dirt.  It is still a eerie photograph and I like the motion of the car.  The look and feel reminds me of thos old 8mm films…


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