Cape Tattoo Convention 2012

What  is a tattoo convention like? Well if you are into the culture and can really appreciate body art, then I’d imagine its a lot like a junkie walking into a crack-house.  Some of the worlds most amazing tattoo artists under one roof, available to etch a beautiful piece of art onto your body FOREVER.  Now in its fourth year, the convention seems to be out doing itself year by year.  Tattoos are a lot more popular these days, not only for bikers and pirates, it’s for moms too!  The convention saw a wide variety of people from different walks of life, different styles and different cliques come together and appreciate this art form and its artists.  Has your perception of tattoos changed somewhat?  I think a lot of people still need to understand that tattoos and body art do not determine personalities or what kind of person you are.  Those ancient pre-conceived ideas need to fall away.  Tattoos (if done properly) are beautiful works of art, and just like good works of art, should last forever.  This is a glimpse into the S.I.X tattoo convention which was held at the BMW Pavillion in the Waterfront.  Enjoy…

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