A thought on the rat race…

I find myself, now more so than ever, submerged in thought. I find myself talking less, not necessarily because I have nothing to say, but what’s the point in talking if nobody is willing to listen? I feel claustrophobic because we are making this world smaller and it feels as if our whole existence is one big catch 22. Ultimately we cannot win. Come to think about it, what is winning? Is winning just a concept we have been programmed to believe through mainstream media and advertising? To me it seems as though the very basis of mankind is competition, and this is the subliminal fuel for our ego which breeds greed. It’s as though we are all in this mindset of that everyone is against us and we don’t want them to be better than ourselves. We want to win. We have let money become the measure of success of a person. We even tend to trust people with material wealth a little bit more than someone who is homeless. There Is that catch 22 again. We will trust a wealthier person over the poorer person because the poorer person wants what the wealthier person has. Wealth. Money. It makes the poor steal and the rich corrupt. Have we put so much value in these luxuries that our entire society is based upon it? Is this the formulae for humankind’s catch 22 existence?

We don’t live. We live to earn money to give ourselves a false sense of security and purpose. We have been spoon fed, force fed and we have been tricked into liking it. We are now so dependent that we are incapable otherwise of being told what to do. We think we need governments and politicians. We believe we need the police and military because we are now paranoid of our fellow human. Rightly so. We have created monsters in our society by exchanging our humanity for ego. It’s all about us. All 7 billion of us. We gladly exchange life for the commuting – 9-5 – for – two- free – days lifestyle. We hardly take time out. When we think, its for work. The only questions we ask is How can I make more money? And How can I take advantage of this situation so that I can prosper? We all want something. We all want it more than the next person, to the point where we would take advantage of another so we can “win”. You ask what is wrong with the world? Its our mentality and frame of mind. We are the problem. Can we be blamed? This world was already set out like this for us. They say we were born with free-will. This may have been correct once upon a time, but now I think we are born with no choice. If I had a choice money wouldn’t be an issue because it wouldn’t exist. There would be no need for this rat race powered machine.


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