Home town love

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I’m lucky to live in this beautiful, photogenic city.  I’m yet to see a bad photograph of Cape Town.  It is surrounded by natural beauty, and a fusion of cultures make this city vibrant and interesting.  Perhaps its the hippy inside me, but Cape Town just feels right. It has a relaxing quality to it.  Maybe its the energy Cape Town emits.  Maybe its the fact that we have all the different elements surrounding us that makes me feel balanced.  We are lucky to have Ocean, wind and a mountain – Water, wind and earth.  We also have our fair share of fire from time to time. 

We are lucky to have one of the natural wonders of the world towering above us.  If we had to jump in a car, within a couple of minutes we could arrive at one of many luscious beaches that are sprawled up and down our coastline.  We also have beautiful forests, which unfortunately saddens me to see less and less trees that once lived around our mountain.  Nevertheless, I live in a beautiful city, rich in culture and history.  The people of this city are the greatest element of Cape Town.  Its the fusion of difference and culture that has mixed over the years, from our rocky past into the new possibilities of the present and future that make this city unique. I love having the ocean, the mountain and the beautiful vegetation surrounding me, that if one of those elements are not there, I don’t feel home.  I love my town and I love my home…


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