A touch of abstract…

I have lately been exploring other avenues of expressing myself creatively, the oldest one being drawing.  When I was a kid in junior school I loved drawing.  At one stage I wanted nothing more than to create a comic.   As I got older new interests began taking preference, and by the time I hit high school I had almost completely stopped drawing.  When I saw some of my art friends sketch up something I got intimidated because I felt my drawings were not as good as theirs.  The thing with drawing is that it is something that needs to be practiced.  Lately I’ve been making an effort to get back into it, and I have surprised myself.  Dont get me wrong, there is still MUCH that I need to learn, but the fact that I can just draw with the limit of only my imagination, really appeals to me.   I often forget or take for granted how amazingly beautiful the imagination is.  Anything is possible, any scene or scenario is at the tip of a pencil.  The same can be applied to photography; you are limited by your imagination.

We can see things from many different perspectives; just like people have different views and opinions, so too does a subject have more than one perspective.   The idea of abstract has started to interest me.  We have this urge to put things into boxes, into categories to easily identify them.  Sometimes I just like to appreciate things for what they are.  The most ordinary, boring and mundane things can be pretty and beautiful, it just depends on how you see and perceive it.  This is my attempt at a bit of abstract.  This is a theme I plan on exploring…

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