A rekindled joy

Indeed my blog has been quiet, so what has been up?  Well Easter was a long, chocolate induced weekend which took me longer to recover than necessary.  The chocolate was good though.  I’ve always admired people who can draw or sketch up something in an instant, with nothing more than a pen or pencil and their imagination.  I’m intrigued as to how they are able to zoom in on the detail of the image in their head.  When I was still in junior school, I loved drawing.  My thing was drawing cartoons.  I, at one stage, wanted to be a cartoonist.  My problem then was being able to conceptualize some sort of story or plot.  At that stage I just liked drawing.  When I got into high school things changed up.  Other interests took priority over drawing.  I remember our junior school art teacher being quite a bit on the unpleasant side, and I think that played some role in me not taking up art as a subject in high school.  My drawing slowly came to an end.  Its true what they say, drawing has to be practised.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.  Who knows what would have happened had I continued with drawing and art.  I think a small part of creativity became dormant when I stopped drawing.

Fast forward to circa Easter weekend 2012.  The urge to start drawing again took hold, and I have no idea why.  Maybe it was all the cartoons I seemed to be watching at the time.   I tried to sketch one thing everyday.  I noticed these scribbles began to take shape and I was able to see detail within these scribbles.  Over the course of about 2 weeks I saw my little drawings and sketch ideas improve.  You know what else I haven’t done even longer than draw?  Colouring in.  I forgot how much joy some pencil crayons can bring.  I also forgot how to colour in.  Stay between the lines…  Its been really fun getting back in touch with that creative side that lay asleep all those years.  I found now it is becoming a little easier sketching ideas I have in my head onto paper, and it is quite a thing to know that all I’m limited to is imagination.  I thought I’d share my first couple of sketches I have done in over 15 years.  That is nuts.  Well, hopefully this is a rekindled joy that I will hold on to a little stronger this time round…

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