There is beauty teeming in your unknown.

You cannot see it, because you are too close.

You are the humble caterpillar, unsure of your future; hearing rumours from others about your greatness.

You don’t accept your beauty because you cannot see it.

I, the inquisitive child, await to see the rebirth of ordinary from the rumours of others.

Patience of evolution will eventually show your true colours, your destiny.

That destiny is far more beautiful than any.

Your destiny is truth, and there is nothing more beautiful than truth.

You are truth.

All you need is patience.


© Observing Vessel

Israeli Government suppressing 60 Minutes broadcast…

There are always more than one side to every story, it is up to you to look at all sides and make up your own mind. Dont let authority do it for you…

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Israeli Government suppressing 60 Minutes broadcast…

MJ Rosenberg posted (paragraphs between parenthesis are mine):

As one who has been harping for years on the Israel lobby’s unique ability to silence critics of Israeli policies, (critics working in politics, the media, academie or anywhere else…), I can’t say that I am surprised by the brouhaha surrounding Sunday’s 60 Minutes broadcast of a Bob Simon report on the treatment of Palestinian Christians.

It was a powerful segment which revealed that the Christian population has diminished dramatically in recent years as Palestinians left for other countries.

The exodus is not the result of Israeli policies that specifically target Christians and drive them from the place Christianity began. It is rather the oppressive policies toward Palestinians in general, policies that do not distinguish between Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians, that have caused the Christian population to drop so dramatically.

(In 1967, Christians…

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Freedom day, free mind, free life…

Some of you may know I reside in South Africa, which recently celebrated (27 April) Freedom Day. Freedom day celebrates freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections which happened on the same day in 1994. It was definitely a victory for the time, and the more I thought about it, the more questions popped up. On my freedom day, and up until now, I been doing quite a bit of reading, watching documentaries and brushing up on some things I didn’t know. Some of the stuff I came across I knew already, some I didn’t, but it did put a lot ofit into perspective. Yes, perhaps it is a bit depressing reading about the inequalities of the world and how it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible to do anything about it.

When I was in school I had no interest in school work. It was something that I needed to do to try to obtain high marks so I can go study more, blah blah blah. I had no interest in history, reading, researching, occult, politics etc, but now something has happened. I feel like I need to do something. Anything. But what? The only thing I can really do is share information. Share consciousness. Weather you choose to read the information or choose to use it or not use it is entirely up to you. I can’t just sit here and see injustice take a seat on the throne of justice. Information is the most important way for people to make a decision, if that information is corrupt, the decision and the outcome of that corrupt information may have greater implications. Why would anyone want to distribute lies? The main answer to that is money. It is scary to see the implications of money and its capitalistic system. The problem with going up against capitalism is that you automatically get labelled a socialist, communist and even unpatriotic. We must remember that every story has 2 sides to it. It is not wrong to explore both sides of the story. I think what has happened now is that a lot of people are either 1) too distracted with life to care 2) authority scares them into thinking one side of the story is wrong and anyone who thinks otherwise is an enemy of state or 3) We just don’t care and we think “That’s life!” Wrong. This is NOT life.

1994 was supposed to be change for the better, freedom for all.  Where is that freedom? How have things gotten any better? It hasn’t. The fact is things have gotten worse. Not just here in South Africa, but all over the world including the land of the free and home of the brave. I started reading an e-book by an ex-South African who has been living in UK for the past 12 years, and it is a great place to start to get information about political South Africa and its place in the global conspiracy. Many of us know that the South African government, the ANC is incredibly corrupt. My question is what will change if, lets say, the DA comes into power? Im sure there would be change, but would it be enough? Mandela had such great aspirations and ideas to liberate South Africa and its inhabitants. What happened to the freedom charter? What happened to those ideals and ideas? We need to understand that its global politics, every country is at the mercy of those with money, and unfortunately South Africa still owes the IMF a lot of money. We currently owe approximately $109.4 BILLION.

Words like democracy and freedom mean very little these days, but one word that controls and dominates both is capitalism. Capitalism is the new word for politics, for it is money that puts those people in power. Dont you think the rich have an agenda? They love their money because it comes standard with power. Dont be fooled for a second that you and governments have an equal say in how a country is run. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, we are all effected by it. We are sucked into false hopes and promises, it may have made sense at a time but it is no longer relevent anymore. We are so far down the rabbit hole that we have become willing slaves. I urge you to read more, question more and remember every story has two sides. Be mindful of where you get your information, most ofmainstream media is nothing more than propaganda. Remember, the small percentageofwealthy elitesmay have money, but we, the majority of the world have sheer numbers. They cannotdictateand control us indefinitely, the cracks have begun and are now easily visible. It’s up to you to decidewhether youwant to acknowledge the cracks and do something about it, or would you rather have your home become derelict?