Israeli Government suppressing 60 Minutes broadcast…

There are always more than one side to every story, it is up to you to look at all sides and make up your own mind. Dont let authority do it for you…

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Israeli Government suppressing 60 Minutes broadcast…

MJ Rosenberg posted (paragraphs between parenthesis are mine):

As one who has been harping for years on the Israel lobby’s unique ability to silence critics of Israeli policies, (critics working in politics, the media, academie or anywhere else…), I can’t say that I am surprised by the brouhaha surrounding Sunday’s 60 Minutes broadcast of a Bob Simon report on the treatment of Palestinian Christians.

It was a powerful segment which revealed that the Christian population has diminished dramatically in recent years as Palestinians left for other countries.

The exodus is not the result of Israeli policies that specifically target Christians and drive them from the place Christianity began. It is rather the oppressive policies toward Palestinians in general, policies that do not distinguish between Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians, that have caused the Christian population to drop so dramatically.

(In 1967, Christians…

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