Insecurities and self doubt

From time to time we all get the feeling of insecurity or self-doubt. I know feel like that every now and then, but why? Sometimes I think twice about blog posts and if I should post it. Perhaps there is a small fear of what others have to say of my thoughts and opinions, but is this not silly? Perhaps its the ego that gets bruised when it meets opposition.

So is it then the need to be accepted and respected as an individual that we all seek? A community? Some kind of support for what one does? It is ironically funny that one just needs to look at online social websites where everyone is free to comment and encouraged to do so. More often than not there is always negative feed back of a persons thoughts or opinions. Do some of us just dismiss the fact that we are all individuals on different paths of discovery in life. Where I am now does not necessarily mean that is where I am going to be in the future. We all evolve and mature. From infant, to child, teenager and to adult, our views and opinions change and evolve according to what we learn and perceive. The idea that one person has the power of another’s insecurity in their hands is quite a thought. That means, that one person has the emotional control of another person who has voiced an opinion, in their hands. The action of that person will determine the others feelings and his interactions with others, if has a significant effect. We are all connected.

So I suppose the lesson one can draw from these insecurities is to know yourself. Accept that we are forever learning and our opinions are evolving and changing. We are living a journey and to be able to discover yourself and develop self-awareness and self-realization, is probably, in my opinion, one of the most important things you can invest in, especially in the world and society we are currently living in.

Here is a brief little article I wrote about insecurities and self-doubt. Happy Thursday!

Mind control and brainwashing of a consumer society

I am a great fan of conspiracy theories, not necessarily because I think they are true, but it does allow my mind to wander. I like to mentally wrestle with ideas and concepts that are accepted by the majority of society, yet are challenged by conspiracy theorists. A large percentage of people tend to dismiss conspiracy theories as fiction or the product of movies. I like to dig a little deeper and come to a conclusion that is my own, regardless whether it is truth or not, after all is truth not determined by the individual’s perception and understanding?

We live in a consumer society, there is a supply and demand. But what if the supplier can effect the demand, by persuading individuals to choose them over another? Isn’t this what happens in advertising? Even politics is a mind control game to gain the most followers. Perhaps this consumer lifestyle we live in has introduced, along with it, a game of mind control. Various companies and corporations spend millions on advertising, trying to convince the population to choose one of their products over someone else’s. All these different companies fighting for your decision, they want to have some control over your choices.

The technology we have today seems light years ahead of what we had twenty years ago, and the possibilities seem to have grown exponentially. Television is a strong weapon, especially to a child. They are the future and if someone could somehow control their choices and decisions, they could steer the world in their favor. They can persuade a child’s perception and understanding through entertainment. The child would not know the difference, because they are not familiar with themselves enough, so the power of suggestion can yield some pretty strong results. If everything we see these days is just some for of mind control or brainwashing, what do we do? Who or what do we follow? Well if you are asking that question, perhaps its time you started following your own voice instead of giving power to those who don’t know you. Take the time to learn yourself, this makes you a stronger individual, less susceptible to foreign control.

I wrote this article, entitled The brainwashing of us”¬†and it explores a few mind control techniques and how we are exposed to them on a daily basis.

Money, the gateway problem?

Money, fantastic to those who have it, but a problem for those who don’t. We are a society, hoping for equality, but our system is controlled by a concept that has no equality – money. Money drives the wedge of social class wider, especially in times of stress and turmoil. Money may not be the enemy, but perhaps it is our approach and mentality towards money and material wealth. Either way, money challenges our ego, often resulting in greed and corruption. The trick is obviously to tread the balance of moderation, but with the promises that money makes, it is hard not to get a little greedy at the best of times, and we know how people can act and react under duress. A seemingly, simple concept of money for reward can have greater implications than we like to think.

I have been thinking a lot about money and the effects we see in everyday life, in one way or another money is linked to the negative side of society. This is a topic that, for some reason, resonates within me. I do not believe in the system of money, but at the same time I can see the majority of humanity is unable to exist without some kind of currency. Our thinking is still very limited, and many of us can’t imagine doing something for nothing. We all want reward, and that reward is money.

I’ve written a couple of articles about money and its negative impact on the various areas of society. This article is just a general thought and observation of money and its effects.

I am also planning on changing up the blog ever so slightly, so hopefully by next week sometime there will be pages to the various articles I have written. I would also like to thank everyone who has visited my blog, despite the long period of nothingness! Thank you for coming back and engaging with the blog ūüôā

Tattoos, art and us.

Tattoos are popular more than ever, and it can do its bit for humanity. On the 15th June in Cape Town, South Africa, 10 tattoo studios held a¬†tattoo-a-thon to¬†raise money for CHOC, a non-profit organisation helping children with cancer. The aim was to raise R100 000. Go check out the tattoo-a-thon webpage here. ¬†Support a good cause and check it out… BUUUUUUUUUUT, before you eagerly “get ink” for the cause or for the sake of getting a tattoo, stop. Think. Yes tattoos are fashionable, but don’t become a sheep. ¬†Tattoos are personal and should have meaning for the one who holds it, whether it be cryptic or literal. It is art that will be on your body forever, that is a bold statement by any culture. Respect yourself enough to have patience and learn about the process, the artist, what is possible and what is impractical.

Here is a link to an article about tattoos and our approach to them and the culture.

Love? What is love?

Have you ever really thought long and hard of what love and true love is? I know it is a term that does get thrown around a lot, and the way love is depicted through media, movies and Hollywood is only a fraction of what true love really is. I believe love is infinite, and although it manifests in different way physically, I believe that it has a un-physical side too, a spiritual side, if you will.

Love is probably the most important thing this world has, but it gets a backseat in our society. We like what we can touch, taste, feel, hear and smell, anything that operates outside of our senses, we tend to ignore. It has no tangible quality. I believe true love exists in the intangible, the unseen or spiritual. Here is a link to an article that offers a philosophy and understanding of true love.

This thing called life.

Well hello strangers! Yes this little blog has been disgustingly neglected, with hardly any posts in the last several weeks. No photographs to show for it, so what the hell have I been doing? Well, I have been evolving, changing, adapting to this crazy thing called life. Work has been incredibly quiet. It is quite shocking to see the digression of the volume of work from three years ago, to today. Perhaps its just me, but photography seems unstable. Even the photographer I assist for, is seeing a lot less work. This has forced me to  explore other avenues of income. The only other avenue that makes sense to me is writing. Over the last several weeks I have been researching and writing, with hopes that some kind of financial door would open. But alas, it feels as though I am in solitary confinement and my claustrophobia is setting in.

I have been doing a fair bit of writing, because the more one does it, the easier it gets. Along with the writing, I have done a lot of thinking, and through this method of thinking and writing, my ideals, morals and opinions have become more focused. I’m seeing the cracks in society, the double standards and I think to myself, no wonder the world is the way it is. To me, it seems every facet of humanity and indeed, life has become corrupt to some degree. The values we think we hold, does not hold true. We live double standards. We believe we have morals and we have the best interest of others at heart, but meanwhile we are so desperate for money, that many of us have no choice but to surrender our ideals for the sake of money, in order to eat and survive. We each are a ripple, and eventually, ripples collide.

At the risk of sounding depressing, what actual freedoms are there left in the world? The only freedom you have in this world, is if you have the money or some kind of material wealth to enforce your freedom. Many don’t have the luxury of money. ¬†Money has corrupted everything, but is it money? Or is it our mentality towards money, power and material wealth? I find it somewhat humorous that money is in fact a made up concept, yet it controls and dictates every one of us. We fear when we don’t have enough money. We get paranoid of those who don’t have money, because they might want ours. We become so paranoid that all we think about are ourselves instead of each other. The systems we live in are designed for divide and conquer. We are too preoccupied in being the consumer slaves, bickering and fighting amongst ourselves, that we forget to see the whole picture.

I’ve chosen to adapt to the system in a way that is as true to myself as I can be. I have no interest in being rich and wealthy, it just breeds more problems. I just want to be free to live and learn life through creative activities, free from threat of eviction, starvation and nonsensical systems that promote isolation and competition. I have started to write online articles with Infobarrel. Hopefully this leads to more, better things. I am going to be sharing various articles on my blog in hopes they get more traffic and readers. The first article I’m going to share with you all, is about money and the problems of our society. What I write is pure observation and personal opinion. Check out this link for my article on Problems in society.¬†