Love? What is love?

Have you ever really thought long and hard of what love and true love is? I know it is a term that does get thrown around a lot, and the way love is depicted through media, movies and Hollywood is only a fraction of what true love really is. I believe love is infinite, and although it manifests in different way physically, I believe that it has a un-physical side too, a spiritual side, if you will.

Love is probably the most important thing this world has, but it gets a backseat in our society. We like what we can touch, taste, feel, hear and smell, anything that operates outside of our senses, we tend to ignore. It has no tangible quality. I believe true love exists in the intangible, the unseen or spiritual. Here is a link to an article that offers a philosophy and understanding of true love.


4 thoughts on “Love? What is love?

  1. Solid, thoughtful piece – good stuff :-). I thought I’d just chip in with a quote I read recently on the subject…

    “[To] analyze the nature of love is to discover its general absence today and to criticize the social conditions which are responsible for this absence. To have faith in the possibility of love as a social and not only exceptional-individual phenomenon, is a rational faith based on the insight into the very nature of man.”

    Source: “Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm

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