This thing called life.

Well hello strangers! Yes this little blog has been disgustingly neglected, with hardly any posts in the last several weeks. No photographs to show for it, so what the hell have I been doing? Well, I have been evolving, changing, adapting to this crazy thing called life. Work has been incredibly quiet. It is quite shocking to see the digression of the volume of work from three years ago, to today. Perhaps its just me, but photography seems unstable. Even the photographer I assist for, is seeing a lot less work. This has forced me to  explore other avenues of income. The only other avenue that makes sense to me is writing. Over the last several weeks I have been researching and writing, with hopes that some kind of financial door would open. But alas, it feels as though I am in solitary confinement and my claustrophobia is setting in.

I have been doing a fair bit of writing, because the more one does it, the easier it gets. Along with the writing, I have done a lot of thinking, and through this method of thinking and writing, my ideals, morals and opinions have become more focused. I’m seeing the cracks in society, the double standards and I think to myself, no wonder the world is the way it is. To me, it seems every facet of humanity and indeed, life has become corrupt to some degree. The values we think we hold, does not hold true. We live double standards. We believe we have morals and we have the best interest of others at heart, but meanwhile we are so desperate for money, that many of us have no choice but to surrender our ideals for the sake of money, in order to eat and survive. We each are a ripple, and eventually, ripples collide.

At the risk of sounding depressing, what actual freedoms are there left in the world? The only freedom you have in this world, is if you have the money or some kind of material wealth to enforce your freedom. Many don’t have the luxury of money.  Money has corrupted everything, but is it money? Or is it our mentality towards money, power and material wealth? I find it somewhat humorous that money is in fact a made up concept, yet it controls and dictates every one of us. We fear when we don’t have enough money. We get paranoid of those who don’t have money, because they might want ours. We become so paranoid that all we think about are ourselves instead of each other. The systems we live in are designed for divide and conquer. We are too preoccupied in being the consumer slaves, bickering and fighting amongst ourselves, that we forget to see the whole picture.

I’ve chosen to adapt to the system in a way that is as true to myself as I can be. I have no interest in being rich and wealthy, it just breeds more problems. I just want to be free to live and learn life through creative activities, free from threat of eviction, starvation and nonsensical systems that promote isolation and competition. I have started to write online articles with Infobarrel. Hopefully this leads to more, better things. I am going to be sharing various articles on my blog in hopes they get more traffic and readers. The first article I’m going to share with you all, is about money and the problems of our society. What I write is pure observation and personal opinion. Check out this link for my article on Problems in society. 


2 thoughts on “This thing called life.

  1. The mere fact that you have taken the time to consider your role in time & space, and being able to express yourself so simply & eloquently, in my humble opinion, is an indication that you are 75% on the way to adapting to the situation, to your benefit.
    In your hands, you possess a multitude of talents and, just like the seasons, there comes a time, when it is right to seize the moment and give another of your many talents, the opportunity to SHINE. Your writing is truly inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing.

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