Mind control and brainwashing of a consumer society

I am a great fan of conspiracy theories, not necessarily because I think they are true, but it does allow my mind to wander. I like to mentally wrestle with ideas and concepts that are accepted by the majority of society, yet are challenged by conspiracy theorists. A large percentage of people tend to dismiss conspiracy theories as fiction or the product of movies. I like to dig a little deeper and come to a conclusion that is my own, regardless whether it is truth or not, after all is truth not determined by the individual’s perception and understanding?

We live in a consumer society, there is a supply and demand. But what if the supplier can effect the demand, by persuading individuals to choose them over another? Isn’t this what happens in advertising? Even politics is a mind control game to gain the most followers. Perhaps this consumer lifestyle we live in has introduced, along with it, a game of mind control. Various companies and corporations spend millions on advertising, trying to convince the population to choose one of their products over someone else’s. All these different companies fighting for your decision, they want to have some control over your choices.

The technology we have today seems light years ahead of what we had twenty years ago, and the possibilities seem to have grown exponentially. Television is a strong weapon, especially to a child. They are the future and if someone could somehow control their choices and decisions, they could steer the world in their favor. They can persuade a child’s perception and understanding through entertainment. The child would not know the difference, because they are not familiar with themselves enough, so the power of suggestion can yield some pretty strong results. If everything we see these days is just some for of mind control or brainwashing, what do we do? Who or what do we follow? Well if you are asking that question, perhaps its time you started following your own voice instead of giving power to those who don’t know you. Take the time to learn yourself, this makes you a stronger individual, less susceptible to foreign control.

I wrote this article, entitled The brainwashing of us” and it explores a few mind control techniques and how we are exposed to them on a daily basis.


3 thoughts on “Mind control and brainwashing of a consumer society

  1. I agree Matthew. I studying marketing and I can vouch for what you said about corporations competing for what they call in marketing “the consumer’s mind”. I have to add that I love your posts. They are very insightful. I also look forward to reading more. I wish we had more time to get to know one another outside of the brief time we spent playing music together in 2010. You’re a great drummer!

    1. Thanks Josh! Your kind words are very much encouraging! Thank you for supporting my blog, it is greatly appreciated! Very keen to hear Brother and Brother sometime, keep up the good music! This world needs sincerity, and you are definitely an agent of that! 🙂

      1. Anytime brother. I have been reading your posts for a while now, and have been hungry to vocalize my support. Will let you know about any gigs that come up, and keep me informed about Witness to Wolves and other projects!

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