Insecurities and self doubt

From time to time we all get the feeling of insecurity or self-doubt. I know feel like that every now and then, but why? Sometimes I think twice about blog posts and if I should post it. Perhaps there is a small fear of what others have to say of my thoughts and opinions, but is this not silly? Perhaps its the ego that gets bruised when it meets opposition.

So is it then the need to be accepted and respected as an individual that we all seek? A community? Some kind of support for what one does? It is ironically funny that one just needs to look at online social websites where everyone is free to comment and encouraged to do so. More often than not there is always negative feed back of a persons thoughts or opinions. Do some of us just dismiss the fact that we are all individuals on different paths of discovery in life. Where I am now does not necessarily mean that is where I am going to be in the future. We all evolve and mature. From infant, to child, teenager and to adult, our views and opinions change and evolve according to what we learn and perceive. The idea that one person has the power of another’s insecurity in their hands is quite a thought. That means, that one person has the emotional control of another person who has voiced an opinion, in their hands. The action of that person will determine the others feelings and his interactions with others, if has a significant effect. We are all connected.

So I suppose the lesson one can draw from these insecurities is to know yourself. Accept that we are forever learning and our opinions are evolving and changing. We are living a journey and to be able to discover yourself and develop self-awareness and self-realization, is probably, in my opinion, one of the most important things you can invest in, especially in the world and society we are currently living in.

Here is a brief little article I wrote about insecurities and self-doubt. Happy Thursday!


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