Fracking up the earth…

Yesterday, as I was waiting in the local garage for my tires to get changed, I picked up the most unlikely magazine I would have read. Forbes. I just wanted to flip through the pages and see what is happening in the corporate world. Whilst thumbing through the pages I came across an interesting article about “fracking” in the Karroo. It was very interesting and at the same time, worrying.

The Karroo is a naturally beautiful area, barely touched by urbanisation, and I was surprised to learn that a couple foreign energy corporates are interested in whats under the farm land of the Karroo. Apparently a few energy companies, including Shell, have applied to do some exploratory fracking in order to obtain natural gasses that can be used as energy. Unfortunately fracking has been known to leave a wake of contamination and devastation. After reading most of the piece (as they were surprisingly fast sorting out my car) I decided to write a little awareness article about fracking and its implications.

The mentality of these energy corporations leave me bewildered. How can power and money over-shadow the well-being of earth? Surely we are all dependent on the balance of nature and we should only take what earth can provide. But we don’t. We are too over-populated and our demands have started to out-weigh supply. Please, take time and have a read of my awareness article on fracking – The illogical mentality of energy corporations.


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