2012AD, the end of the world?

We living in pretty stressful times and the talk of end of times and Armageddon have become popular over the last decade. Everything from the Mayan long count calendar to a zombie apocalypse has been hyped in the media. Why are we so obsessed with our demise? Are we projecting? I have been doing some interesting reading about some ancient civilizations and how they venerated the cosmos and certain stars in the sky. It certainly seems that what we actually know of our past is almost always changing, with many so-called “facts” in school text books being manipulated and changed. This makes the quest for truth much harder, but shouldn’t prevent us from searching for it.

I wrote an article about what I have read and added my own insight to the whole 2012 possibly being the end of the world. I’ve tied in various ancient civilizations and their interest in the cosmos, including the Mayans and their famous long count calendar. Read the article here.


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