Whose reality?

You are living a unique experience as a subject in a reality.  But what reality are you living? If each experience is unique and we experience it as a subject, then surely our reality is relative to the subject? It is obvious we all interact in a common reality; a common physical reality, which affects each and every one of us. But each and every one of us has a different set of DNA,  memories and past experience, which has helped sculpt us each into our unique persona, which we are today.

Within our physical common reality there are other systems and rules, which gives birth to various other realities and because each one of us are slightly different, we interact and react differently within and according to these realities and their effects, causing various other alternate realities, relative to the subject.  Economic, social, political, religious are all systems which give rise to realities; different realities for different people, all relative to the subject.

So whose, or what reality are we living? Is it a reality that is real, or is it a concept we have thought up? Is the fact that we are living according to these systems and rules, whether it be “reality” or a man-made concept, making it our reality?  A thought worth thinking, I think.

A photograph I took, which after I edited, made me think of reality, hence my post.




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