The language of music

Musical conversations


Music is a language.

As a being I experience and learn from my surroundings, and as a being I have an overwhelming need to make sense of my environment.

For my experience to make sense, I have the need to express and project my perceptions.

Music is a language and it is one I love to speak.

Whether I’m talking to myself or talking casually with others, I love to speak it.

As an artist I love to create. I love to create songs; scripted musical plays.

But I cannot live a life that is constantly scripted.

I cannot speak the same line indefinitely, without the want for casual conversation.

To speak casually, musically,  with another musician is to gain insight into their experiences.

It is to be inspired by another’s musical life, which is a projection of theirs, and to react to it and with it, that makes music magical.

Two or more walks of life speaking the same language but with slightly different dialects and colloquialisms, interacting to produce a unique musical conversation, rich in diversity and musical opinion.

Music is a language, but too many are constantly repeating scripted musical small talk.

Sometimes we crave more, more meaningful conversations.



Watch this video. This is what music is.




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