Latching on like a parasite…

It’s funny the way things often work out. Often you think your path is clear, only to discover later down the road that you in fact have taken a perpendicular route. I guess that is the natural evolution of things. A cause and effect. I remember not being at all interested in reading and writing in my school days. It never took my interest. We were always reading books that were set out in a curriculum, and it sparked no interest in me. It was only after school that I started reading books that I wanted to read, whether they be funny books like  Hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse by Robert Rankin, or a hilarious sci-fi adventure like hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy by Douglas adams. The fact that I was reading these books to completion was just mind-boggling. I went from book to book, sometimes I never read for months, then a topic would interest me and I’d read more books in that vein.

I remember reading Dan Brown’s Da vinci Code when it came out and it totally stole my attention. I have always had an interest in the bizarre, inexplicable  and conspiracies alike. I started reading non-fictional books by Graham Hancock, Erich Von Daniken and even David Icke. It just interested me, regardless of whether I saw there words as truth or unhinged, but it challenged my thinking. The more I read, the more I observed life. The more I observed life, the more opinion I held and the more opinion I held, the more I wanted to express it. Me, myself.

This blog has been priceless to me. It started off originally as something very different and as time evolved so too did I, and in turn, so too did this blog. It originally focused on my photography or imagery, and has slowly changed to one of words. Two different mediums, but they share the same purpose. My expression. I have expressed myself in both word and imagery. I have written a few articles of the things that interest and concern me, which I have started collecting and arranging into an eBook and will hopefully release by the end of this year. My writing has changed and evolved and it feels like it wants to take another step.

The more I have been writing, the more my imagination has sparked. A whole world seems to be taking shape in my mind. Names of places, characters, plots and sub-plots. In school I didn’t quite fully appreciate the importance of writing (and reading). I now understand the importance of it, and it is not merely to hold a job. That is not what is important. Writing is a way to make sense of what is inside of you, creating an expression, an opinion. Making sense of our shared reality and ones individual life. My next step is to write and record this world I am slowly building in my mind. I am excited at what it can be, and I hope I have the perseverance and patience to see it to completion. From not being interested in literature or creating it, to creating an alternate reality to be held between the pages of a book in a reasonably short span of time, I can only assume it has taken a hold of me and hopefully latches on like a parasite…

The day the electricity died

The humble flame

Yesterday the electricity died. It amazes me that such a simple concept, which we all have become so familiar and dependent on, can cause discomfort in our day-to-day lives. No hot water, no tea or coffee. No warm food, unable to cook. No electronic form of entertainment, although I did use what little power was left on my laptop to write a few sentences.

As the morning turned to afternoon, everything seemed as per usual, but the appliances were all still temporarily in limbo. On the up side, there was nothing to steal my attention and I managed to start writing a story that I plan on turning into a novel. With the absence of electricity I was able to submerge my thoughts deeper into my story. I created an alternate world, a fantasy world. It is only the beginning, but the ideas are there.

As the afternoon slowly became evening, the trees began casting shadows upon the bedroom wall. I witnessed the sun dim as it traversed beyond the horizon, leaving me with light shades of shadow. As I sat in the darkening room, there was no electricity to create an artificial ambiance. The air was becoming cooler; darker. I sat in growing darkness, just listening to the world. Listening to other people’s lives play out.

Darkness was now on shift and the evidence of dead electricity was obvious. How did the past cope? I had no choice but to embrace the death. I turned to the faithful ancestor of electricity, the humble flame. The flame could not power a TV or a kettle, and barely emitted enough light to read. Yet there was something about sitting quietly in the dark with a few flames flickering for comfort. Whilst I sat in the company of my thoughts, it wondered; “We, humans, have come so far. We are so technologically advanced, we can send a man into space, we can communicate the world over, and produce just about anything. But what do we have without the electricity to give life to our imagination?” The times have changed and the pulse has quickened, the humble flame can no longer perform the duties we require. We now have the blessing of electricity. Is it a blessing, or is it a curse? I suppose it depends on which side of the fence you are on; the side that has it, or the side that doesn’t. Everyone mourns the death of electricity. Perhaps in its death we gain freedom. Freedom from our attention stealing devices. These are the thoughts that crept in the day the electricity died.


“I open your world”

It’s just a door. Just a door you say? Then it is just a boundary preventing you from moving from your confinements, leaving you stagnant.

It’s just a door that holds in definite probabilities, and keeps out the endless possibilities.

It’s just door handle, a simple, logical mechanism.

Its use is so simple, yet its implications is freedom; possibility.

I am the door and the handle.

I determine what I keep in and leave out.




A view from inside

Concrete Amazon
Zombified people throng these uncared for streets;
while cement giants observe life even as the city sleeps.
Motorised insects traverse this concrete Amazon;
with zombified commuters inside and distractions turned on.
There and back;
this pendulous game subsides as day turns to night and diamonds shade the evening skies.
Days 1 to 5 between 9 and 5 is when our routines work.
Aspirations asleep;
only stirring once the pendulous game's final buzzer beeps.
Days 6 and 7;
a welcomed anomaly.
Inspiration to aspire, a thought that so many admire.
Two whole days for your recreation,
but so many fail and digress to procrastination.

© Observing Vessel


Things to do…

There are things we would like to do in this time that we have on earth. It could be small, simple things, but to do them brings some kind of accomplishment. For many years I’ve always wanted to publish a book. This hypothetical book went through many different ideas and concepts, until eventually it stayed hypothetical. I still want to publish a book, and recently it is becoming more of a possibility.

I’ve decided to compile an eBook of material I have written, including some of my photography and poetry. I guess it will be a collection of various observations, a way to express my experiences. I am currently editing it all together and should hopefully be done in time for Xmas. It will include some of my past blog posts and some essays and articles I have written. Editing it together in a way that will allow the content to flow logically is hard. Many of the topics deals with life, existence, society and reality. I hope this eBook will ignite a curiosity; to question what we take for granted and rarely think about.

This is just something on my list I wanted to do, and what better time than the present?