Things to do…

There are things we would like to do in this time that we have on earth. It could be small, simple things, but to do them brings some kind of accomplishment. For many years I’ve always wanted to publish a book. This hypothetical book went through many different ideas and concepts, until eventually it stayed hypothetical. I still want to publish a book, and recently it is becoming more of a possibility.

I’ve decided to compile an eBook of material I have written, including some of my photography and poetry. I guess it will be a collection of various observations, a way to express my experiences. I am currently editing it all together and should hopefully be done in time for Xmas. It will include some of my past blog posts and some essays and articles I have written. Editing it together in a way that will allow the content to flow logically is hard. Many of the topics deals with life, existence, society and reality. I hope this eBook will ignite a curiosity; to question what we take for granted and rarely think about.

This is just something on my list I wanted to do, and what better time than the present?



2 thoughts on “Things to do…

  1. I know exactly how you feel and I’ve been working on the same thing. I have a long way still to go before I begin editing but I’ve set a target to keep me on track. Best of luck and I can’t wait to read your book.

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