Alone in expression


Left alone with your thoughts. A barrage of thoughts, running amok behind your eyes. You sit alone in solitude to make sense of the chaos. The experience of life gives rise to these thoughts and begs your attention to make some sense. To make sense, one needs to express that inner barrage of thought through the use of positive outlet; a way to interact with thought.

Bored am I of the age of production. I welcome and usher in a new age of expression, an age of individuality where we don’t offend or defend physically, but challenge each other intellectually without the worry of physical actions to subdue or to dictate our expression and creativity.

I welcome the breakaway from popular, commercial and mainstream in order to express your unique experience through an expression of your choice. It is time to leave the herd and stray from the organization. We don’t need to belong to a religion, social group or political party to have a place in the world. You can find it on your own…


And on the musical side…

Another passion that shares my life is music. I have an acoustic project where I play guitar with the all mesmerizing vocal talents of Natalie Lucia . The name of the project is called Witness to Wolves and this evening we will be performing a few tracks live on a local internet radio station called 2 Oceans vibe radio in support for the Southern Ink Xposure tattoo convention, which is happening here in Cape Town in January 2013.

So if you are interested in hearing more of the person behind the blog, tune into the show this evening around 8pm (South African time) to hear an interview and some of our music.



Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Yesterday I took a personal big step. I decided to publish my first eBook. It really isn’t anything fantastic, just a collection of various essays, writing, poetry and thoughts; some of which have been blog posts. Writing is something that has become more of a focus in my life and I now value the importance of it.

I have for a while been wanting to publish a book of something. This eBook is my first step and a symbolic one of following through with ideas. It may have taken ages just to do something as simple and as small as publishing an eBook, but is it not the little steps that eventually cover large distances? I am currently working on my first fictional story, which I am really excited about and it is great seeing a world being carved out of thought and word. Hopefully it won’t be too long till it is finished, but it is still in its infancy. Just the beginning. But all great journeys have a beginning, and this is mine.

I encourage you to follow the links that follow and if you are able, please purchase and spread the word if it is something you enjoyed. Help support this creative soul who finds little value in the material world, but values his words.

Check out my author’s page here.

Or purchase from the Kindle store here.

Another step taken, whether small or significant is inconsequential; Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


How the quest for perfection has taken hold. We ever strive to better what is current, but to what end? What is it about perfection that has mankind hooked? We all too easily chase perfection, unawares of the beauty of imperfection. A duality  no doubt that needs balance. Is it perhaps not the imperfections that gives interest? Perfection can only be one way – perfect. But imperfections can be infinite. So, what is it you prefer? Endless possibilities or a definite perfection?

I am imperfect, you should be too