How the quest for perfection has taken hold. We ever strive to better what is current, but to what end? What is it about perfection that has mankind hooked? We all too easily chase perfection, unawares of the beauty of imperfection. A duality  no doubt that needs balance. Is it perhaps not the imperfections that gives interest? Perfection can only be one way – perfect. But imperfections can be infinite. So, what is it you prefer? Endless possibilities or a definite perfection?

I am imperfect, you should be too

4 thoughts on “Perfection

    1. Very true! No doubt there is a balance to maintain. I believe we should strive to better ourselves, but not necessarily for perfection, but to appreciate the journey which, so often, is an imperfect road. Perhaps it is where we place value, in the journey or the summit; and that is very much subjective. Which just shows the duality of life 🙂 Thank you for the comment 🙂

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