Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Yesterday I took a personal big step. I decided to publish my first eBook. It really isn’t anything fantastic, just a collection of various essays, writing, poetry and thoughts; some of which have been blog posts. Writing is something that has become more of a focus in my life and I now value the importance of it.

I have for a while been wanting to publish a book of something. This eBook is my first step and a symbolic one of following through with ideas. It may have taken ages just to do something as simple and as small as publishing an eBook, but is it not the little steps that eventually cover large distances? I am currently working on my first fictional story, which I am really excited about and it is great seeing a world being carved out of thought and word. Hopefully it won’t be too long till it is finished, but it is still in its infancy. Just the beginning. But all great journeys have a beginning, and this is mine.

I encourage you to follow the links that follow and if you are able, please purchase and spread the word if it is something you enjoyed. Help support this creative soul who finds little value in the material world, but values his words.

Check out my author’s page here.

Or purchase from the Kindle store here.

Another step taken, whether small or significant is inconsequential; Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


7 thoughts on “Nothing ventured, nothing gained

  1. So true, I’ve realised that just taking that first leap into the unknown is worth a small piece in the bigger picture. That’s kinda what I’m doing now by challenging myself to write one small composition on a weekly basis – and as you mentioned, it helps you to get those ‘ideas’ down and done. How many times do we give up without even having tried? My biggest fear…is fear – I mean for a long time I was afraid of my own creativity – and this inhibited me from working at it, striving to explore all of what I’ve been blessed with. That’s why I resonate with this post. I always encourage my creative friends to just start something and be consistent with it. After all, the more you do something – the better you get at it.

    1. Thanks dude πŸ™‚ Yeah I think a big problem is our individual value system. It feels as though we need our creativity or expression to have value, and unfortunately alot of people associate value with money. The result is we have to turn our passion into a job or else it is valueless, and I have a massive problem with that. We should be creating and expressing ourselves without the reward of money. We have forgotten to create for the sake of being creative, learning more about oneself and the non-physical satisfaction. Perhaps this is just me, but I totally understand and get what you are saying!
      The art is not necessarily in the final product, but in the act of doing it and bettering it so it truly represents the subjects expression. That is art, and that is priceless!

      1. Totally agree with you bro – and that process lets me be grateful for a lot of what I have and gives me the freedom to just “be” while creating. That’s why I don’t beat myself up as much as I used to when it comes to art – wondering whether stuff is good enough, I just do it and don’t really give into feelings of self-worthlessness. Good to know there’s someone out there who can reciprocate the idea πŸ˜€

      2. πŸ™‚ You are most definitely not alone! And it is sad to see artists, whether they be musicians or other, creating for the sake of clients and money, putting all their expressions aside for another. Seems like we have learned to be selfish in all the wrong ways, and one of the few times, where I think one can be selfish , we end up giving our individual creative power away. I know why good artists live humble lives and struggle; its because they have morals and integrity and they are not willing to easily give up one of the most precious things a human can do – create. They prefer to create out of their own expression, figuring out what they like and dislike and carving away all they don’t like, until they are left with something that is truly a representation of them, or a part of them. That is art!

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