Alone in expression


Left alone with your thoughts. A barrage of thoughts, running amok behind your eyes. You sit alone in solitude to make sense of the chaos. The experience of life gives rise to these thoughts and begs your attention to make some sense. To make sense, one needs to express that inner barrage of thought through the use of positive outlet; a way to interact with thought.

Bored am I of the age of production. I welcome and usher in a new age of expression, an age of individuality where we don’t offend or defend physically, but challenge each other intellectually without the worry of physical actions to subdue or to dictate our expression and creativity.

I welcome the breakaway from popular, commercial and mainstream in order to express your unique experience through an expression of your choice. It is time to leave the herd and stray from the organization. We don’t need to belong to a religion, social group or political party to have a place in the world. You can find it on your own…


5 thoughts on “Alone in expression

  1. Great read and source for discussion!!

    Individualism is great and I’m all for it but don’t we need a community of supporters to reinforce our individuality? Individuality without support may be lonely, can it not; or are the challenges you speak of the backbone of individualism?

    1. Thank you for commenting and interacting! I love it when followers read, digest and interact with these kind of topics.

      You have an excellent point! Do we need a community of supporters to reinforce individuality? Yes, but support from other individuals and not necessarily organisations and organised institutions. But individualism is also the contentment in ones own expression without the approval of others.

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