A Merry Little Christmas

Wishing you all a merry Christmas. May you all experience peace and love this festive season, and if you are under hard times, I hope you may find your inner strength and some contentment within the maelstrom.

Respect, love and compassion

The Observing Vessel

The Loneliness

The loneliness swallowed him whole. It resided in the shadows of his mind; never the focus of his thoughts, but worked silently in the periphery of his mind. The loneliness gathered momentum giving his fond, happy memories a tint of bitterness. It slowly changed him and his interactions with others. It was not a conservative effort, but he found himself distancing himself from those who were close. He felt as though no one understood him, and he found more familiarity with strangers. There was something about the brief encounters of strangers that offered him comfort. They could be sincere or false, it did not matter. For those brief moments he felt he could share his thoughts and feelings and then after, it was as though they didn’t exist. Nothing. Loneliness.

He remembered when his thoughts and actions had meaning, when his heart was whole and the shadows of loneliness were nothing more than stories and myth. His life had purpose and it was worth fighting a good fight. Since then his heart has been cut into two, leaving his half to slowly shrink, never again to swell with love, for his love was contained within his other half. It left within him a void, which allowed the shadows to enter, breeding his loneliness.

He wanted nothing more than to be left alone, yet it was the loneliness that he hated. He wanted his heart back, but was afraid he had become too familiar and used to the shadows. He longed for the light he once had, but it now was barely a dim glow.

He sat still yet his mind was active. He sat alone under the darkened sky, his eyes fixed on the expanse above him with uncountable pinpricks of light . The loneliness offered him both comfort and incredible sadness. He sat in the field looking at the sky, silently calling out for an intervention. He secretly hoped for some greater being to offer him a solution, but his silent requests were met with a black sky and infinite stars. The sadness swelled within him and all he could do was cry…

What would I do?

I don’t believe in government. I suppose this makes me sound somewhat of an anarchist. Perhaps. I believe people should be able to able to govern themselves. I say SHOULD be able to, but realistically this is highly improbable. But I have to ask myself why? Why can’t people govern themselves or display enough self-control not to harm another or randomly murder innocent souls? Are they insane?

My deduction as to why people cannot govern themselves, is because we live in a society with systems that won’t allow it. We are a society of dependent sheep, even though in actuality, we are not. We are individuals. Unfortunately the majority of us are individuals that have given our individual power to “leaders”.

Leaders are great. Leaders lead by example, inspiring others to do similarly – not the same. The problem is that we forget and we get lazy. We become use to leaders leading, that so many find it comfortable following. Whether it is intended or not, if people continue to copy and follow the leader, it gives the leader power, making them an authority. By the greater majority copying the leader, instead of following and being inspired, they give away their individuality and their power contained within.  As soon as the majority start doing as the leader does/says, it becomes a government.

The role of a leader is to lead, not indefinitely, but to show others a way or an idea, possiblities. It is not to tell, dictate or command; but to show, nurture and inspire. So, if I had any say in how things were run in a country, would that not be me governing others? Perhaps, but I also believe in patience and the evolution of actions. So, what would I do?

Well if peace is what the world desires, then one cannot be surrounded and exposed to violent ideas and solutions. I wouldn’t seek council from the military. Their business is war, and nothing positive can come from being exposed to ideas of a violent nature. I would rather seek the insights from philosophers, scientists and great thinkers – problem solvers.  From there I would introduce alternative systems that encourages and inspires positively.  Creativity, I feel, is incredibly important for human development. We need systems that encourages balance and self-control. We need systems that encourage the individual to explore, to find truth, not to simply swallow and accept what has been fed.

There are many things that could be done, none of them perfect, but definite improvement. There is no such thing as perfection. It is not perfection we should be striving for, but improvement. We should want to better ourselves, and the only way to be able to do that (not achieve, you cannot achieve perfection as very basis of life is evolution, a constant change that is always occurring) is to be in the right environment with the right conditions. If we develop and employ the right systems and exercise a little patience, our environment and the world will change…and it will continue to change and we should constantly be bringing balance to what is forever changing.

I don’t proclaim that there will ever be a “perfect Utopia”, but I do know that there are changes we can make to change the future. The first requirement for this change, is the change of thought. We cannot evolve or change if we continue with our current conditioned thought. To make a difference we have to think differently. So what would I do to make change? I would like to encourage and inspire thought. Different thought. Your own thought.

So what alternative options are there for us? I have mention this before and I shall mention it again, visit the Venus Project website and have a read of what is possible. 

A thought to chew on…

At the moment we live in a society of production and business. Business is the breeding ground of competition. The majority of our lives are taken up by work in order to earn money, which is business. That is our reality.

Most work 5 – 6 days, leaving very little time for Life. We have submerged ourselves in this life, this reality. Our reality is business and competition. If we live in a society where everyone is looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the next person for personal benefit, how can we possibly have peace?

We are a product of  our environment and it seems to me that we have all contributed and sculpted an environment which is incredibly difficult to propagate love and peace. Sometimes I think we are conditioning ourselves negatively and we are “happy” with it.

Yes, perhaps I am an idealist and I am sure very many will agree that my ideals are unrealistic in this world. My argument is that the reason we don’t live in an ideal world is because too many have willingly given up their ideals for a “better” life filled with money and material benefits. Technology has made us want things even more, but do we stop to think how such fast-evolving technology affects us as a society? We are only interested in results and a physical/tangible and instant gratification.

Just like in nature, for something to survive the conditions need to be right. The same goes for love and peace. We cannot expect love and peace to fill the world in conditions that don’t allow it.  A thought to think about this festive holiday…


Death of the great trees

Death of a tree

They are the great sentinels standing guard over our world. Some have withstood centuries. They are the gigantic organisms men see and take for granted. They have seen the evolution of man and his ways. They witnessed mans great triumphs, only to be used against the world they were given to nurture. They have seen the change of the decades and can truly appreciate the cyclic nature of existence. They have endured pain and hardship by the hand of man, yet some still stand.

The great trees are becoming few and endangered. The great beings that give all living creatures breath, are being culled for man’s short-sighted benefits, but ultimately man is culling himself.

Trees are becoming too few now. So few sway freely in the wind and offer shelter to the smaller beings of the world. Man is opting for cold hard steel and concrete, so we can marvel at our architecture; A lifeless structure that took the lives of many living entities.

The balance to keep the scale even has shifted. Man now outweighs nature, and it is only a matter of time before that scale breaks.


World’s Big Trees Are Dying: Alarming Increase in Death Rates Among Trees 100-300 Years Old

It dwells in the shadows

_MG_6677 (Large)

The day slowly dims, the source that once illuminated the busy streets is now casting longer shadows every minute. As the light wanes so too does the ambiance. Twilight takes a brief residency, enough to see thinned out numbers as the source reclines behind the mountain. The night has taken shift and has successfully turned shade into shadow. The bustle has ended and has been reduced to a faint murmur, as you leave the security of home.

_MG_6678 (Large)

The air is so quiet that you hear only your stride. Everything is the same but at the same time so different. The shade that once offered shelter at day has shifted its character. It is no longer a protector; but stalker. The darkness is thick and any movement draws your eyes attention. It is almost as if it breathes and lives. It slowly creeps and harbors on your periphery, shifting its shape to comfortably suit your fears. You look for it with wondering eyes, but see nothing. Every sound amplifies your fear, feeding what dwells in the shadow.

_MG_6680 (Large)

It is kept in the shadows so you cannot see and thus cannot learn. It is forever shifting its shape wearing a cloak of unfamiliarity. It moves so you cannot see it, only sense it. It waits for you to become comfortable with its unfamiliarity until you brush it off as imagination.

Whatever life breathed sound into the street is now dead, with the exception of your stride – you stop in your tracks. It is a deafening silence. The shadow has grown immense and intense. So black is the shadow that it swallows sound and light, leaving you alone in unfamiliarity.

It is just the dark you tell yourself. Nothing to fear but your imagination. You take in a breath and continue to walk with a new confidence. You walk down the darkened street, a little more comfortable with the darkened unfamiliarity and with imagination as an excuse, you sweep the shadows from your attention.

_MG_6683 (Large)

In the back of your mind the imagination continues to work, bubbling over causing the hair on your heck to stand. You feel a warm breath of wind over the hairs on your neck and pause your stride. The trees are silent, for no breath stirs their leaves. Your pulse quickens so that all you hear in the deafening silence is the blood pumping through your head. The shadows are still with no signs of movement. You hear the dry crack of a leaf. You feel your heart drop and your blood turn cold as you feel the grasp of a hand on your shoulder and before you can make any reaction you feel your body being pulled. You make no sound as the shadows swallow both sound and light.

_MG_6681 (Large)

The street lay in silence. Dead silence – swallowed by what dwells in the shadow…

What if…

The conclusion that stares me so obviously in the face, with regards to the world, is that it is way too over populated with humans. We have littered this beautiful little blue and green planet with billions of offspring and in turn they have littered the planet further more with technological by-products and more unintelligent, “educated” leaders, who care for nothing more than power.

Logically, over-population eventually leads to over-urbanization and very seldom does our little (which becomes smaller by the day) blue and green planet get a thought. We all know that society’s need for energy is huge, and over-use of fossil fuels is now a big problem. Humans now exceed 7 billion and many of earths amazing creatures are paying the price of our genius by becoming extinct. Oh how amazing human kind is, to our life-sustaining planet and our fellow humans.

But how do we approach the equation of over-population? By the looks of it, those in power and thus who have money, seem to find war, poverty, sickness and famine as a means to reduce the population. The way I see it, the only logical (and unrealistic) solution is in self-control, because who is anyone to tell another they cannot bear children? It is every human’s right to bear children. I say human and not woman, why? Because the decision to have children is not just the choice of the woman, it is both her and the man. Personally I feel that too often not enough thought has been put into what it means to bear a child; to create a unique life that grows and learns; to guide and teach the lessons to make the world a better place so they can prepare for future generations to experience life. Longevity is the purpose of procreation. It is sacred, because it is life. A new creation. If you cannot see and appreciate just how amazing, complex and majestic creating a new life truly is, then perhaps you should think a little harder before having children.

Lets for a few moments leave conventional logic to one side and entertain a what if….What if both man and woman were able to become pregnant? An idea many would discard, but no doubt many a man would think a little bit more of the consequences of his sexual actions. If men could fall pregnant, would that decrease the global population? Would the statistic for rape decrease? Would the number of people infected with HIV and AIDS decrease over time? I wonder how many men would be willing to go through pregnancy and labor? I like to think that of those willing, only the really serious and dedicated men would go through pregnancy.

A silly what if…but still, I can’t help but ponder it…