What if…

The conclusion that stares me so obviously in the face, with regards to the world, is that it is way too over populated with humans. We have littered this beautiful little blue and green planet with billions of offspring and in turn they have littered the planet further more with technological by-products and more unintelligent, “educated” leaders, who care for nothing more than power.

Logically, over-population eventually leads to over-urbanization and very seldom does our little (which becomes smaller by the day) blue and green planet get a thought. We all know that society’s need for energy is huge, and over-use of fossil fuels is now a big problem. Humans now exceed 7 billion and many of earths amazing creatures are paying the price of our genius by becoming extinct. Oh how amazing human kind is, to our life-sustaining planet and our fellow humans.

But how do we approach the equation of over-population? By the looks of it, those in power and thus who have money, seem to find war, poverty, sickness and famine as a means to reduce the population. The way I see it, the only logical (and unrealistic) solution is in self-control, because who is anyone to tell another they cannot bear children? It is every human’s right to bear children. I say human and not woman, why? Because the decision to have children is not just the choice of the woman, it is both her and the man. Personally I feel that too often not enough thought has been put into what it means to bear a child; to create a unique life that grows and learns; to guide and teach the lessons to make the world a better place so they can prepare for future generations to experience life.¬†Longevity is the purpose of procreation. It is sacred, because it is life. A new creation. If you cannot see and appreciate just how amazing, complex and majestic creating a new life truly is, then perhaps you should think a little harder before having children.

Lets for a few moments leave conventional logic to one side and entertain a what if….What if both man and woman were able to become pregnant? An idea many would discard, but no doubt many a man would think a little bit more of the consequences of his sexual actions. If men could fall pregnant, would that decrease the global population? Would the statistic for rape decrease? Would the number of people infected with HIV and AIDS decrease over time? I wonder how many men would be willing to go through pregnancy and labor? I like to think that of those willing, only the really serious and dedicated men would go through pregnancy.

A silly what if…but still, I can’t help but ponder it…


2 thoughts on “What if…

  1. If you look at the actual numbers, human population throughout most American, European, and Asian nations is declining. The median population is aging, with more seniors and fewer young people to care for them. That’s part of the reason for the economic crash going on right now, in fact.

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