What would I do?

I don’t believe in government. I suppose this makes me sound somewhat of an anarchist. Perhaps. I believe people should be able to able to govern themselves. I say SHOULD be able to, but realistically this is highly improbable. But I have to ask myself why? Why can’t people govern themselves or display enough self-control not to harm another or randomly murder innocent souls? Are they insane?

My deduction as to why people cannot govern themselves, is because we live in a society with systems that won’t allow it. We are a society of dependent sheep, even though in actuality, we are not. We are individuals. Unfortunately the majority of us are individuals that have given our individual power to “leaders”.

Leaders are great. Leaders lead by example, inspiring others to do similarly – not the same. The problem is that we forget and we get lazy. We become use to leaders leading, that so many find it comfortable following. Whether it is intended or not, if people continue to copy and follow the leader, it gives the leader power, making them an authority. By the greater majority copying the leader, instead of following and being inspired, they give away their individuality and their power contained within.  As soon as the majority start doing as the leader does/says, it becomes a government.

The role of a leader is to lead, not indefinitely, but to show others a way or an idea, possiblities. It is not to tell, dictate or command; but to show, nurture and inspire. So, if I had any say in how things were run in a country, would that not be me governing others? Perhaps, but I also believe in patience and the evolution of actions. So, what would I do?

Well if peace is what the world desires, then one cannot be surrounded and exposed to violent ideas and solutions. I wouldn’t seek council from the military. Their business is war, and nothing positive can come from being exposed to ideas of a violent nature. I would rather seek the insights from philosophers, scientists and great thinkers – problem solvers.  From there I would introduce alternative systems that encourages and inspires positively.  Creativity, I feel, is incredibly important for human development. We need systems that encourages balance and self-control. We need systems that encourage the individual to explore, to find truth, not to simply swallow and accept what has been fed.

There are many things that could be done, none of them perfect, but definite improvement. There is no such thing as perfection. It is not perfection we should be striving for, but improvement. We should want to better ourselves, and the only way to be able to do that (not achieve, you cannot achieve perfection as very basis of life is evolution, a constant change that is always occurring) is to be in the right environment with the right conditions. If we develop and employ the right systems and exercise a little patience, our environment and the world will change…and it will continue to change and we should constantly be bringing balance to what is forever changing.

I don’t proclaim that there will ever be a “perfect Utopia”, but I do know that there are changes we can make to change the future. The first requirement for this change, is the change of thought. We cannot evolve or change if we continue with our current conditioned thought. To make a difference we have to think differently. So what would I do to make change? I would like to encourage and inspire thought. Different thought. Your own thought.

So what alternative options are there for us? I have mention this before and I shall mention it again, visit the Venus Project website and have a read of what is possible. 


One thought on “What would I do?

  1. Ok, I know we got an idiot running the USA but doesnt have to bring up the fact of dictatorship. That’d be insane. I know everyone would rebel. And the USA would go into another civil war. I think it should stay how it is instead of risking a drastic change in our government that not all would agree with. Besides there would no freedom at all. You would end up being like Sadaam in Iraq. Except maybe Iraq would come and change our lives instead of the other way around. I’m not talking about the US (random question: Why do Americans always assume that everything is about the US), I’m talking about governmental systems in general. If this dictator was an intelligent and just man/woman, who knew how to run a country, wouldn’t it be to prefer, over who the majority of people, who’s knowledge in the area is limited, thinks will do the best job? Just because the leader(s) was not decided by everyone, it doesn’t mean that the system have to be devoid of freedom. You do however have a point. If people feel that they cannot change anything, and their opinion doesnt matter, then they are more inclined to start a civil war. Also it is very hard to apply such a system considering, as many have pointed out, the fact that power corrupts, and in reality you could get a bad leader, no matter how many tests you put him/her through.

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