A thought on the nature of things…

I see words and language as symbols of greater concepts which cannot necessarily be explained, but we try. We try to convey the thoughts and images in our head using words. People are different, each understands and conceptualizes differently and therefore their outlook is somewhat slightly distorted to what you may see and understand. Some of us use art to interpret our thoughts and then convey what we have learned. Some people get it, others don’t. There is no surprise to me that there is so much disagreement and conflict in the world. That’s the nature of things I guess. I like to think we all believe in the same thing, we just label things differently, give slightly different symbolism for the same concepts. Perhaps some put more emphasis in the symbol (the physical) and tend to neglect the concept (spiritual). Maybe it is the concepts we should be mentally submersing ourselves in, trying to understand the concept by action. I like to think that this creates a balance between your physical self and your higher consciousness/spirit/soul whatever you like to call it.

I like to see the universe (existence/life/God/whatever you would like to call it) as a self-sufficient “machine” if you will. Similar to a pocket watch with all its cogs and wheels; everything the pocket watch needs to work, resides inside. If the universe is indeed self-sufficient, then every single cog and wheel within this grand universe is imperative for the universe to function. No matter how small the cog may seem, it will affect the cogs around it and in turn they will affect others and so on and so forth.

The universe is in constant motion, for it is the motion that keeps life together. Planets, solar systems and galaxies, all constantly hurtling through space, never remaining in the same place – forever changing. If the universe itself lives upon this principle of change or evolution, surely this concept relates even to such insignificant cogs such as ourselves, for do we not reside within the universe?

I like to think there is an unseen connection or thread that permeates everything in existence and it is this connection we should be seeking. If we understand and can identify the connections, can we not relate it to aspects of our personal existence? Perhaps the universe does converse with us on a daily basis. Perhaps our pride over the symbol prevents us from widening our gaze and exploring the concepts. We should not be so concerned what we call God, we should be more concerned with the concept and what it has to teach us. Too often its the names and symbols that hinder peace and love. Things are different, things are varied. Maybe it is that way because the universe has not stopped moving since it began. Perhaps it evolved from one simple concept, which gave rise to others but the connection between all is always there. If we can see past the differences and look for the connections the world, I think, will be a friendlier more loving place.

Every now and then…

Every now and then I feel as though the universe wants to communicate with me. Or perhaps it is forever trying to communicate with me but I don’t always listen or pay attention. It is almost as if the universe speaks in a delicate whisper, always wanting our attention –  like a child desperate for attention, but we are often too busy to take notice.

Every now and then something unexpected happens and it can take the most humblest and seemingly insignificant of forms, but yet can yield the most enlightening and significant outcomes.

Every now and then something unexpected happens, and it just so took the form of books for me. I was gifted this Christmas with a fairly old book, originally printed in the 1960’s (if I’m not mistaken) and written by Clara M. Codd, called The ageless wisdom of life. This book was published by the Theosophical publishing house and its content obviously shares the movements outlook. I suppose the somewhat spiritual nature of the book may turn some people off, but for those who have an open mind and are willing to hear another’s perspective, I highly suggest the read.

The other book, which I have been meaning to read for ages, is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is a short book, easy to read but the wisdom behind the words and the story really spoke to me. Perhaps it is just where I am in my life, but these two books offered me insight and a sense of clarity on life. What is the purpose of living a life if we are unable to understand the nature of it, both seen and unseen?

Sometimes it is the little unexpected happenings that shed the most light, and I truly feel as though my candle burns a bit brighter.

A lesson of creation…

My imagination a clean pane of thick glass,

a clean canvas.

Both awaiting destruction.

It starts with a thought, a spark ignites.

With the right intention the spark will drive the thought to impact.

If both the thought and intention behind it are strong enough, the glass will crack

causing it to spiderweb,

opening my imagination to new cracks leading to new ideas.

Each brush stroke leads to the next, filling out the canvas.

Slowly building the image stroke by stroke.

Never to be a clean canvas again.

Never again to be a clean pane of glass.


I cannot help but think of the irony – the price for the creation is a destruction.

There is beauty in that destruction.

Perhaps a subliminal lesson in duality?

Is there perhaps a price for creating – a give and take?

Perhaps there is a duality in everything,

but for a duality to exist balance must be achieved.

Finding that balance is in itself an art.

What we are, what we have…

We are animals. We use words like “mammals” and “human” to attribute ourselves with higher qualities than that of other animals. We eat, sleep, drink and procreate just like all animals; so what is it that makes us human? As animals we are subjected to all the urges that animals have. Many of us react without much thought to these animal urges – just like the animals. We are no better than animals because we are animals.

I also believe we have been gifted with a higher consciousness, an awareness that has over-sight of decisions and consequences. It is not something that we are automatically privileged with, but I believe it takes time and action to make the connection between the higher consciousness and our physical, animal bodies, stronger. Our physical bodies have a dim consciousness of its own which I think is more responsible for survival in this physical existence. It is somewhat egotistical, but a necessity for survival.

I think it is easier to feed this dim, physical, animal consciousness as it is more influenced by our five senses as it is more concerned with our physical existence. If this physical/egotistical consciousness is fed and encouraged, then I can only deduce that our characteristics and manner would develop into one that is selfish and materially (or physically) concerned.

Our higher consciousness is there, unseen and somewhat imprisoned. It should be our ambition to find this connection, free and strengthen it, which will reinforce our individuality and within that wisdom shall be found. Whether we call it higher consciousness, spirit or soul it is there, waiting to enlighten us…

A new year, a new beginning…

A happy new year to my readers, I trust the last of your 2012 was fantastic and your 2013 is off to a positive start.

This past festive season has been an enlightening time for me. I cannot explain, but it truly feels as though I see things slightly more clearly. Throughout the year our experience and decisions somewhat accumulate and ofttimes we are unable to deal with them and give them their due attention. Sometimes it is hard to confront situations and people and we end up dismissing them and we convince ourselves that we will deal with it a bit later. These issues don’t get resolved and you will often find that it’s these issues that weigh heavy on your mind and anchor you down, preventing you from moving on – evolving.

What we need to understand is that life and existence is not stagnant. Everything keeps on going, there is always a movement and we need to be aware so we too can “move with the times” so to speak. Nothing is ever in the same place. The earth, solar system, even our galaxy is in perpetual motion, speeding through space – every moment different in time and space to the next, an evolution if you will.

It is the natural progression of life and we should also be striving to progress – better ourselves. To do this we must learn, act and evolve and this can only be done if there is nothing holding you back. Those issues that lay unresolved are lessons waiting to be learned. To truly learn a life lesson, I believe we must live out our conclusions or morals. This, I believe, leads us to enlightenment so we can be a more evolved being, one that is more than mere flesh and bone. Our existence and being is more than just a physical. We are  intellectual, sentient beings capable of infinite imagination and higher consciousness. This makes us more evolved than animal, not better, just more evolved.

I feel we should be striving for a stronger higher consciousness as opposed to satisfying our “animal conscience”, which I think is our physical, earthly body. We have a higher consciousness, which I believe can give us control over our conditioned minds. I think we need to be awakened to our higher consciousness, which I feel can be done by truly learning life’s lessons –  find the connection between everything and live your conclusion.

There is always a price –  a cause and effect. That price is our conditioned way of thinking, which often goes against the grain of society or our selfish, animalistic tendencies.  Are you willing to pay? To let go of your conditioned way of thinking, even if that means swimming against society’s current? That is often the price – popularity.

I hope you were all able to confront those issues that may have been haunting you in 2012, and may your slate be clean for 2013. A new cycle has begun and with it will come lessons…