What we are, what we have…

We are animals. We use words like “mammals” and “human” to attribute ourselves with higher qualities than that of other animals. We eat, sleep, drink and procreate just like all animals; so what is it that makes us human? As animals we are subjected to all the urges that animals have. Many of us react without much thought to these animal urges – just like the animals. We are no better than animals because we are animals.

I also believe we have been gifted with a higher consciousness, an awareness that has over-sight of decisions and consequences. It is not something that we are automatically privileged with, but I believe it takes time and action to make the connection between the higher consciousness and our physical, animal bodies, stronger. Our physical bodies have a dim consciousness of its own which I think is more responsible for survival in this physical existence. It is somewhat egotistical, but a necessity for survival.

I think it is easier to feed this dim, physical, animal consciousness as it is more influenced by our five senses as it is more concerned with our physical existence. If this physical/egotistical consciousness is fed and encouraged, then I can only deduce that our characteristics and manner would develop into one that is selfish and materially (or physically) concerned.

Our higher consciousness is there, unseen and somewhat imprisoned. It should be our ambition to find this connection, free and strengthen it, which will reinforce our individuality and within that wisdom shall be found. Whether we call it higher consciousness, spirit or soul it is there, waiting to enlighten us…


6 thoughts on “What we are, what we have…

  1. Mammals are simply beings that feed their young through mammary or breast feeds. As do most other mammals we “bring up”, (not necessarily care) for those we have co-created. It is a wonderful experience to live. To exist ie in a food chain or other, is the perogitive of our bearers, to live is my challenge. I know that each of us carry within LIGHT. LIGHT encompasses knowledge, higher emotion and the unextinguishable desire to Be. Most religions have a thesis of Atonement. Break the word down AT-ONE_MENT. Being AT ONE means never being alone. Light, without all spectrums of colour is dark. We are all and need all to be one, It easily goes to follow, it is simply a matter of stars shining more brilliantly when it is dark. Thank you for sharing your beautiful light in a dawning world. Lily

    1. You are absolutely right Lily! There is so much we can learn in life. It is very unfortunate that so many people are concerned just with the physical and what their physical senses tells them and this, I believe, can stunt the connection to ones higher consciousness. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation for my blog 🙂

      1. Thank you sir, the physical separates, the spiritual gathers as a mother into her heart. You are well met.

  2. I agree that it can be much easier to feed and become preoccupied with the physical piece of ourselves. But that our higher consciousness desperately needs attention. I find that the key is trying to find a balance, which isn’t always easy. Because we are humans on the planet and we need material things to allow us to investigate and awaken to our true selves. I find the two, our physical and spiritual selves, to be interconnected and interdependent whether we are aware of it or not.

    I love how you said that our higher consciousness is “somewhat imprisoned.” That makes sense to me because a higher consciousness is so much bigger than a human body. I have found within myself a feeling of being limited as a human while my higher consciousness is unlimited. It becomes somewhat difficult having an unlimited self living in a limited human body. Which again brings me back to balance, finding a way to balance that unlimited nature with a limited human body. Which seems to be the whole point.

    Thank you so much for this post, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you for your input! Yes, I agree with you. Balance is an incredibly important, yet so many do not practice moderation. To keep a balanced lifestyle means that one is constantly working and evolving. When one becomes stagnant too long, the balance shifts.
      I like what you said about using our physical knowledge to awaken that higher conciousness and to find a balance between the two forces. Thank you again for the kind words and interaction, it is very welcome 🙂

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