The Lighthouse

The mist was thick, bringing with it a definite chill to the air. It made the night quieter and darker. It was as if man had fallen away and the only sound that was heard was the roar of the waves. It stood tall as the night mist moved through the air like a ghost, engulfing all in its way. The building stood fast and refused to be taken in by the mist, it had purpose and with that purpose illuminated confidence.

There were small pin-pricks of light scattered on the horizon, barely penetrating the ominous mist. It swallowed their senses, leaving them lost. The unknown was all that remained out at sea, causing anxiety and caution among the ships.

The lighthouse knew its purpose and delighted in illuminating a path for the weary travellers. It stood proud as it radiated its intense light and almost out of excitement, it let out a loud, deep boom. The lighthouse was the sentinel of this stretch of coast. Its light pierced the mist illuminating the dark unknown, offering a direction to those who had become immobilized with caution. The great lighthouse stood tall and proud as the Shepard of the sea.

Words of a stranger

The stranger was ignored by all. They would give small change and food out of pity, even though he never asked for anything. The man had seen the stranger for decades, wandering the streets in dirty shabby clothing with a limp in his stride. The stranger was nearly always in conversation with himself, yet very rarely spoke to others. The stranger sat in the shade of the large acorn tree, giving his troublesome foot a rest. Even sitting alone he was deep in conversation with himself mumbling words, which to others, seemed unintelligent.

The man walked past the homeless stranger, giving him a smile and a nod. As the man walked by, the stranger unexpectedly spoke at the man, “Do you know what I think is wrong with the world?” queried the homeless stranger. “People have allowed their environment to dictate their personalities, instead of discovering themselves and developing their own personalities and through this slow process, eventually creating an environment suitable to their personalities. Most people have no idea who or what they are.”

“Interesting.” said the man with surprise. Never before has the homeless man stopped him, not for money and certainly not for conversation. “What about in your case?” asked the man. “Does your environment not affect and dictate your personality?”

“Yes, but I spent many years discovering myself – who I was, who and what I wanted to be and who and what I didn’t want to be. I decided I wanted to be free. I know who I am. Many see me as a homeless bum, but I never beg for charity. I walk the streets of the city, like a ghost. I see people for who they are. I see how they treat one another and speak to each other and much of the time I don’t like it. I prefer holding conversation with myself. I see the poison that spews from some people’s mouths and how it infects others, I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to live everyday a slave to work earning a concept that has no meaning in man’s survival. I decided years ago to remove myself from society, because I saw the direction society was taking. I now live free, free from the baggage of material possession. Free from useless fads that are alive no longer than a blink of an eye. My only concern is living, because I know who I am.”

The homeless stranger got to his feet and looked at the man. Although his clothes were dirty and he smelled, his eyes radiated an intelligence the man didn’t see too often, even among his educated colleagues. “Don’t let your environment dictate the person you are. Know who you are and dictate your environment and what elements surround you.” said the stranger with a smile.  He turned his back and continued to talk to himself as he limped away. The man stood in the middle of the road and watched as the stranger took to the streets once again talking gibberish to himself and wondered if the stranger was as crazy as people perceived him to be.

A loss of the heart

The artist was heart-broken. He felt as though all his hard work was for nothing. The work he remained devoted and dedicated to for nearly 5 years amounted to nothing. He treated his art and love as if it were his religion, and now that it was taken away his beliefs lay shattered. Without reason and barely without warning, his Judas took away his heart. All that love, effort and life put into his sculpture seized by the one  that stood close. The artist was helpless, and could feel nothing but the pitch black wave of sorrow engulf him. He felt muscled out of his own life. A void now lay where his art, heart and love once lived, taken for another to enjoy and leaving him with memories and hope that one day his sculpture will return. The artist wondered to himself how long this hope would last.

The (de)evolution of mankind

Over the past few weeks I have come across some horrendous news that has made headlines in my country. In fact there have been horrendous news from all over the world, and one has to think what is the problem? Is the function of evolution not to progress? Then why is the world in such turmoil? We are supposedly the most evolved species on the planet, yet these stories and news bulletins suggest that not all of mankind (by a long shot) have evolved. They are less than animal, and deserve a just punishment. I have seen many comments about bringing back the death penalty, and although this seems like a solution, I have to ask myself if this solution deals with the root of the problem? It is clear to me that these headlines are the result of a faulty system. I am not saying these criminals shouldn’t be the ones to blame, we should all be in control of our actions and their crimes are unforgivable, but we need to also keep in mind there are causes for these effects. A death penalty seems like a quick solution, but I fail to see how it deals with the root of the problems. Scaring someone with possibility of death does nothing for the psyche of an abused child, who may grow up to become a future pedophile, rapist or killer. Although we are genetics, we are also the product of environment – Genotype + environment = phenotype. It is a basic equation that says a lot.

Although our physical evolution may be at its peak, I fear our intellect/consciousness/spirit/soul (whatever you would like to call it) is yet to catch up. I feel it is this un-evolved state of consciousness that so many possess, that is causing stress in society. We are each autonomous, yet we have become so reliant on systems to do everything for us that we seldom interact with life. Business is the new life; the new earth, if you will. Business is what now supports and provides for us. We are now subject to money and material wealth, and the problem is that not everyone can have it, yet it is something that everyone (thinks) they want. Have we evolved for all these millenia only to be a materialistic based society with systems in place to divide us all? Is evolution taking the piss?

If we were to divide our existence into a physical (seen) and a mental (unseen), I think the mental/intellect is lagging. We are unbalanced. I like to think the next step in evolution is one of intellect, where the un-evolved eventually fade away, unable to exist because they are not  adapted to the environment the consciously aware and evolved are creating.

Humankind is able of fantastic physical feats, but it is its un-evolved conscious state that worries me. An un-evolved consciousness is dangerous as it seems that it is aware of only itself and not the greater picture, which includes others. No one wants to live in a world of unnecessary pain, hate and fear. Evolution needs to happen so the unsavoury elements that has no use can wane into oblivion. How do we change the world? By making your world, your life, the life you want the world to embrace. One doesn’t have to give to charity or help rehabilitate criminals – it helps and I am thankful and admire the people who do that, but one can make a difference with every one they encounter. The way in which we each deal, act and react to situations affect our world. If we are all able to affect our individual worlds positively, then just imagine the outcome!

I hope for the sake of humanity evolution happens soon.