The extiction of the art of creativity







It seems like all the good things in the world are steadily becoming extinct. The art of creativity, too, is heading for certain death.

There was a time when creativity and art could roam and graze the world freely, but as always, man with his infinite knowledge and lack of wisdom has found ways to better creativity, ultimately domesticating what should be free.

Creativity is a wild animal, beautiful to behold and not limited to genetics. Creativity is free and able to procreate with other disciplines to create a new hybrid.

But we have created a reality that cannot propagate creativity. We have turned it into a show to benefit self with nothing more than money and narcissism. The art no longer lies within the creativity, but in the methods of making money, which is now a science.

There are a few reserves in the world looking after the interest of various arts and creativity, but still too few.

Many are now happy to domesticate their creativity severely just so they can show it off in the media circus. Look how the corporate ring-masters make the artist’s creativity jump through fire hoops and do tricks for the public’s amusement! What a sight! How sad it is to know people will only know the beauty of creativity by visiting the media circus. Many will never experience an interaction with wild creativity. How long will it take before creativity is extinct? How long will it be until the last surviving art dies in captivity? Then what will art and creativity mean?

If the world has taught me anything, it is that everything is free. Free-will is a cosmic gift, it is how we are able to learn. Let your creativity, which is you, be free. It is all free. Social conditioning has us believing otherwise.




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