Higher Intellligence

It does seem intelligence lacks on this planet. Can we really be surprised? Our personalities manifest and are expressions on the physical plane. The tangible plane where all can be perceived and translated. Our society is one that promotes the physical on a whole host of levels.
Intelligence is intangible and thus many lose interest as we are subtly taught that it is not as important as what we can touch, see, hear, smell and taste.
I believe we all potentially have a higher intelligence, one that is above the lower, physical, animal based intelligence that the majority of the world has.
I think our ego is the point of synthesis in our personality that links lower based physical intelligence (or knowledge) to our higher intelligence/consciousness or if you will, soul.

Bullshit? Perhaps. Observe people and really look. See the ones that enforce their personalities and ideals on others, the ones with unbalanced egos? They may have knowledge, but that is no proof of intelligence.

Intelligence is evolutionary and to an extent cannot be rushed. Encouraged it should definitely be, but as with evolution the strongest survive. The ones who try force intelligence would be the ones I would be wary of. I think ego is quite a decent measure of true intelligence.
Eventually intelligence and authentic, soulful expressions will be the norm in the world, through well-balanced egos and personalities.
but for now, we should be concerned with our own egos and what they are preventing us from learning.


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