I’m quiet

I’ve been quiet. In a world that seems to compete for attention with who can make the loudest noise, I find myself sinking into the background. And when I feel I have nothing of relevance or importance or nothing I have said a thousand times before, I find I hold my tongue. Perhaps these photographs will make up for my silence.



5 thoughts on “I’m quiet

      1. For the first time ever I actually walked away from an argument this weekend. Just decided what the fuck is the point, they want to stay ignorant than so be it. I get the whole sitting in the corner not being heard thing. Think it’s also why I’ve been drawing so much.
        Chin up, apparently it’s supposed to get better.

  1. I was reminded of this blog today when I decided not to engage in a debate. Normally I love a good debate, however seeing how quickly someone reacted by attacking me personally I bowed out, gracefully.

    1. I love a good honest chat, even when there are different opinions and views. I believe it is the conflict of two opposing opinions that causes a person to think…well at least hopefully. I suppose it depends on the person. I now feel that some people love the safety of their opinion and if it busrst they tend to panic and lash out. So be it. I cannot change people’s minds, that is not my purpose. My intention is to share what I believe through my observations and experiences and should someone be able to take something away from it, then that is awesome. These days I find I only give my opinion when it is asked, then I know it is taken somewhat seriously. Most of the time I feel people see opinions as competition time. I ain’t got time for that! X

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