Right now

Right now,
I feel like being sucked up
out into a great abyss of existence.
Where I’m stretched so thin that all of me permeates the universe on every level conceivable.
I want to get a feel for truth.
I want to feel it on the tips of my fingers across light years of nebula and supernova.
I want to close my eyes and fall asleep to the feelings and sounds of existence.
As if it were water
so I can slowly sink and drown in what is.



This is for you and all the other ghosts out there. The ones who drape themselves in beautiful qualities, making them unseen by the eyes of the living.
These qualities eventually render you invisible, but no less beautiful.
Let the eyes of the living ever search for what they can touch, taste, smell and hear while the beautiful ghosts find each other in fine mists and dense fog.
The ghosts can’t feel the tender touch of the living, which hurts, but only because they don’t wear the same invisible qualities.  They don’t like what they can’t see and it frightens them.
So I became a ghost, looking for others in the fine mists and dense fog.

Active intelligence

If I can’t control my actions to support my morals, despite my emotional state, for the better of another/others, then am I any more intelligent than an animal?
Are our actions 100% governed by our emotions, upbringing/experiences and mental frame of mind? Is there no “natural” instinct toward good? And if there is, I wonder how many would concretize this instinct with action? And I don’t mean once-off action, I mean with the self-control of constant action and active intelligence.

Because there are some really mindless, “intelligent” douche bags around. And I mean intentional douche bags. We all make mistakes and joke around, but intention says a lot. Be more intentional with your actions and give volume over your word.

Right of admission reserved.

Be a metaphor today. Be something more than just a human.

Today I am the universe’s smallest library, continuously looking for new material.
There is no copyright in my library, but you should always respect the books. It is impossible to steal them, but you are encouraged to use the photocopier. Take the copies to your library and keep your edited books and encouraged piracy there. Do not leave an unnecessary mess and do not create an unnecessary disturbance in my library. I will always clean up the mess, but you shall not be permitted to enter again. Today I am a library and if you so choose, you may pick out any book to read. But who these days truly has the time and patience to read entire books? Right of admission reserved.

What are you today?

Moments gone

How easy it is for us to let a moment slip away. Sometimes I feel that much of our time is spent thinking of the “what coulds” and “what ifs” and on the other side we reminisce of what has been and we tend to yearn for the past. Time is continuous and moments are forever slipping away, but I think the point is to be conscious of the moment and experience it for what it’s worth before it gets shrugged off as another second, minute, hour, week or year. Hold the moment just a bit tighter and be a bit more conscious of it all. I try to wring the moment from time as it washes away and I want you there with me…IMG_20131103_063519[1]