Right now

Right now,
I feel like being sucked up
out into a great abyss of existence.
Where I’m stretched so thin that all of me permeates the universe on every level conceivable.
I want to get a feel for truth.
I want to feel it on the tips of my fingers across light years of nebula and supernova.
I want to close my eyes and fall asleep to the feelings and sounds of existence.
As if it were water
so I can slowly sink and drown in what is.


6 thoughts on “Right now

  1. I often wonder what it would be like for my “spiritual essence” to transcend the physical vessel and spread out in search of enlightenment. To escape the cage of the body and the barriers society has that limit the possibilities of true freedom. I think that I’m socialized to focus on the material rather than the spiritual as “success”, and in doing so I limit myself. How amazing it would be to be unlimited and truly open and free.

    1. This is why I am actually really keen to take LSD. I have put it off, because I didn’t want to do it for the sake of doing it, and it freaked me out a bit. But now I feel that I would like that experience, and I feel I am ready for it. I’ve read some articles that LSD can actually assist with a sense of spiritual self. Im for new experiences, especially ones that lie beyond our scope of material and physical 🙂 xx

      1. I have had it once, and yes it was quite surreal, and I have never looked at clouds the same way since, but I would love to be able to, without “assistance” , do the same thing. I have had experiences where I’m completely blown away by things I haven’t noticed before, like being on a beach and for the first time the sounds around all mute except the crashing of the waves and my breathing starts timing itself with the ebb and flow. I was really exhausted at the time though, but maybe that’s what did it, my brain was too tired to focus on the hundred different things we focus on everyday, this constant information and sensory overload, so it zoomed in on the most natural or instinctual energy link it could find without using schemas and cognitive frameworks, it just stopped and maybe it’s just about being able to stop all the overload and just focus on one thing. I assume this is what mediation is for many people.

      2. Indeed. I’ve read of many ways people achieve some sort of altered state. Fasting is one way. Some African tribes dance incredibly energetically till their nose bleeds and they enter an altered state.
        I think you are right, meditation is the way to achieve some sort of inner peace where you are not limited to the physical. I really want to try LSD sometime…but also want to do it with the right people!

      3. Has to be with the right people in the right place! The dancing I can understand. When I used to dance it was an alternate state of being, and expression that is difficult to explain, you cant just dance with your body your soul filters through. And if we look at African cultures. They emphasize a holistic way of life and music and dancing is a huge part of that connection with the inner being and the ancestors, in essence I think the connect with the energy of the universe. I mean even listening to tribal music transports you mentally. It’s very visceral and I think that calls to a deeper, more intuitive or instinctual self, especially if you just let go, let the music embrace you completely. xx

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