Passing thoughts…

There was a time when words held wisdom and a picture spoke a thousand words.
Now words hold half-truths for the betterment of entertainment and the demise of reality.
A picture or photograph no longer speak a thousand words,
They are now nothing more than images holding up glamoured perfection.
Perfection is in the glamour and we have swallowed it whole.
To err is human and this we have forgotten.
Perfection is not precise, it is the free movement of life.
It’s the small inconsistencies that give character, uniqueness and individuality – That is the perfection,
The intentional movement of life and the self-correction of that which hinders the greater good
and each subjective experience is unique and individual, giving rise to character.
That is perfection – The infinite possibilities of free subjects.
Are we free?
Or have we indoctrinated ourselves into the  glamoured ideals of perfection and product?

To err is human and perfection takes time. Have we forgotten patience too?