Insane conversations of a cracked psyche: You.

“You are more complex than that.” said the squirrel as he sat hunched in the garden, eating an original salted peanut. “That is the mistake many of you humans make with each other and yourselves. You are a sum total. You are like a radiating white light and each moment, as your life evolves from when you were an idea, to when you were in the womb to this moment, slowly sculpts you and you develop like a crystal, prism and mirror – projecting, bending and refracting that white light into a variety of colours that interact with each other and other people’s chaotic light. You are not just a white light…well, you are and you aren’t” said the squirrel. “You are a beautiful complex being, the sum total of seemingly chaotic colours but behind all that, you are a beautiful white light.” He finished his peanut, licked his squirrel lips and dashed up the nearest tree, never to be seen again.

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