Getting back into it

There’s a time and place for everything. Things happen in cycles, so I have noticed. I have not written anything of purpose or anything that I have thought worthy to post. No funny little stories or philosophical poems, but that doesn’t mean my creative streak is dormant. I have recently started getting into my photography a bit more, mainly because I have just started teaching a local high school’s photography club once a week. It has inspired me to pick up my DSLR more frequently. I have also started a personal project with a good mate of mine and I’m finding the creative exchange very rewarding. So I have decided to post a little an example on what we have been working on and hopefully the momentum carries on, because what we have in mind is exciting and something new for us both.
Here’s to being more creative and more purposeful in 2015. Hopefully this year is more rewarding than last. I have emptied myself, lost and said goodbye to so much, now it is time to fill myself up again. Everything feels a bit strange and foreign, like I have forgotten a bit of myself.  It’s sometimes difficult to see ourselves for who and what we really are.  Everyone has their own path to make, and I’m slowly making mine…

Empty lounge comp2

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