God is music. It causes something to stir within the human particles within its universe or sphere of influence.
The particles begin moving, thrashing and colliding until they coalesce into a sea of varying waves of expression.
A particle does not necessarily realise the awesomeness of this until they take a moment to change perspective and try take in and observe the living universe in its perceived entirety.
What do they see?

This image is not my own.
This image is not my own.

They see a sea if different bodies expressing themselves accordingly; but collectively, they are the expression of the music itself and it is the music that determines the quality and character of life in that universe.
But what the particles don’t all realise is that God has different expressions and although many worship music, others worship literature and art, and if you look a bit more carefully, you will find God everywhere.
Not all particles understand that music, literature, art and all the other Gods also have Gods, as do those Gods and so on and so forth.
This is the best I can perceive eternity.
What God do you worship and more importantly, what kind of God are you?


Getting back into it

There’s a time and place for everything. Things happen in cycles, so I have noticed. I have not written anything of purpose or anything that I have thought worthy to post. No funny little stories or philosophical poems, but that doesn’t mean my creative streak is dormant. I have recently started getting into my photography a bit more, mainly because I have just started teaching a local high school’s photography club once a week. It has inspired me to pick up my DSLR more frequently. I have also started a personal project with a good mate of mine and I’m finding the creative exchange very rewarding. So I have decided to post a little an example on what we have been working on and hopefully the momentum carries on, because what we have in mind is exciting and something new for us both.
Here’s to being more creative and more purposeful in 2015. Hopefully this year is more rewarding than last. I have emptied myself, lost and said goodbye to so much, now it is time to fill myself up again. Everything feels a bit strange and foreign, like I have forgotten a bit of myself.  It’s sometimes difficult to see ourselves for who and what we really are.  Everyone has their own path to make, and I’m slowly making mine…

Empty lounge comp2



This weekend I dived into fists full of dirt and wind.
When I opened them I sensed glistening flecks of gold.
When I opened my eyes I realized I was one of them.
We all spoke,
blowing away more of the dirt.
The words spilt like water,
washing over us,
running down our golden bodies
And as dawn broke, we sat in the hands of the lake.
The light caught us and we all shone.



This is for you and all the other ghosts out there. The ones who drape themselves in beautiful qualities, making them unseen by the eyes of the living.
These qualities eventually render you invisible, but no less beautiful.
Let the eyes of the living ever search for what they can touch, taste, smell and hear while the beautiful ghosts find each other in fine mists and dense fog.
The ghosts can’t feel the tender touch of the living, which hurts, but only because they don’t wear the same invisible qualities.  They don’t like what they can’t see and it frightens them.
So I became a ghost, looking for others in the fine mists and dense fog.

I’m quiet

I’ve been quiet. In a world that seems to compete for attention with who can make the loudest noise, I find myself sinking into the background. And when I feel I have nothing of relevance or importance or nothing I have said a thousand times before, I find I hold my tongue. Perhaps these photographs will make up for my silence.


Alone in expression


Left alone with your thoughts. A barrage of thoughts, running amok behind your eyes. You sit alone in solitude to make sense of the chaos. The experience of life gives rise to these thoughts and begs your attention to make some sense. To make sense, one needs to express that inner barrage of thought through the use of positive outlet; a way to interact with thought.

Bored am I of the age of production. I welcome and usher in a new age of expression, an age of individuality where we don’t offend or defend physically, but challenge each other intellectually without the worry of physical actions to subdue or to dictate our expression and creativity.

I welcome the breakaway from popular, commercial and mainstream in order to express your unique experience through an expression of your choice. It is time to leave the herd and stray from the organization. We don’t need to belong to a religion, social group or political party to have a place in the world. You can find it on your own…