Critical Mass

We have reached critical mass.  Our earth’s population is maxed.  We created technology to help time pass and we rely on it so we can relax.  But the tables have turned; from master we’ve become slave to the technology we once made.  The technology that gave rise to media and from media to hype; making us want and forgetting our lives.  And now we sit and procrastinate in this virtual made life where everyone has an opinion, courtesy is too expensive and money is too tight.

We are too afraid to use our imagination or to grasp the potential infinite possibilities.  Instead we ironically follow blindly the trends set for us by the rich and famous who are only interested in capitalizing on our insecurities, fears and stupidity.  Everyone is talking and no one is listening.  Everyone is telling and no one is asking.  Its breeding narcissism and megalomania – we all are susceptible.  We have forgotten community.  We have forgotten to do things for others because we want to; instead we do things for others for reward.  Nothing is free.  Not even courtesy.  7 billion people breeding these words to life and what is it we do?  Complain, bitch and gossip.  Verbalizing the negative by-product of life.  Breathing it into society and infecting one another with no sign of inoculation or remedy – Truth.  Most of it lost with history and we are a society too lazy to care.  But amongst this maelstrom and chaos there are the few who shine bright and lead the way by example.

Life is essentially as simple as making a choice, but we are not simple and the consequences of our choices are not simple.  They give rise to new choices and problems and often affecting others, leaving them with their choices and decisions.  Don’t be preoccupied by the by-products of life and society – life and this universe is far more complex and extraordinary than we can possibly conceive.  We have been given the gift of free will, but we must not be fooled into thinking that this means we can do whatever we will.

If you want the good life you have to want to be good.  Find truth and be true to it and yourself, surround yourself with like-minded souls and do things because they make you happy.  We determine who we are, so don’t depend on others and others’ ideals – This life was given to you to find yours, not to follow another’s path.

If we want to change the world, it starts with the individual.  We live the life we want to live, therefore, together creating a society we want to live in.  It indeed is up to us.  But alas we are blind with exception of the enlightened few.  Many of us are wanting a change.  I dare society to change…


What is needed for change?  Patience and perseverance for one, but most importantly – action.   We have become a society based on lazy.  It’s ironic how we have found ways to increase production, share information globally and created gadgets to better enhance our leisure time.  We have become too reliant on our own creations to the point of depending on it to teach our future generations.  If you want change, this is where it starts.  Patience must be exercised because change isn’t instantaneous.  Change starts with an action and the consequences of that ripples through time, much like a pebble being tossed into a still lake.

The education system is shoveling unapplied knowledge to churn out reciting parrots to go work in the machine.  Work, earn money and earn even more money for the all illusive man.  Meanwhile we get distracted by the leisure enhancing gadgets convincing ourselves that “This is the life” and “That is life”.

Escapism is wanted more than ever and its extremities continue to increase to perverse levels.  Popularity is a contest and it has become everyone’s favorite past time.  Everyone wants to be seen, heard and surrounded by followers.  It becomes our job – we turn our names into brands and we want everyone to see what we are doing.  All the time.  It’s a full time job.  We have turned ourselves into the voyeur society, hungry for the next peek into other people’s lives.  We have become autophobic; distracting ourselves with role models and “reality” T.V.  We have forgotten solitude.  We get to know celebrities, our friends and friend’s friends more than many of us get to know ourselves.  7 billion people on earth, how many are there walking around strangers to themselves?  Unfamiliar to their moods and feelings and how to deal and react to them.  They interact with society – cracked glass waiting to shatter.

Sounds like adolescence you say?  Well that is where it starts… and ends for very many, they don’t evolve and stay stagnant.  Education is a key to change.  This key isn’t only just found in schools, it begins earlier at home.  If we are responsible enough to create a child, then surely we can be responsible enough for the child?  You are responsible for their education.  But many of us are too distracted, busy working the machine for the man or we are too busy distracted by the by-products and escapism society is subliminally brainwashing us to want.  So we send them to schools, relying on technology and strangers to instill an education, manners and values.  And when teachers fail, they learn from their peers.  Blind leading the blind.  Take responsibility for your action of creating a life.  That life is the ripple of your action and will in turn effect others.  We are indeed individuals but also a community, balance permeates the universe, find it and apply it.

We have been taught and we continue to re-teach facts and truth, but very rarely do we apply it.  What is the point of common sense if it is not common?  Perhaps we should be teaching that.  The odds are against us.  Over population is suffocating us.  The facts we teach eventually end up twisted and contorted, eventually leading to an over-population breathing, believing and living an alternate truth.  Confusion has set in, billions believing multiple alternate truths.  Alternate truths that become so real that we call it religion and because we are unfamiliar with ourselves; our feelings and emotions we re-act irrationally.  We fear our limitless imagination and we fear the infinite possibilities to the point that we fear fear.  So we hang on to the drips and drabs of alternate truth with such intensity that we create dogmas.  We have been spoon fed and we are used to it.  We have ourselves to blame for not having a backbone.  It’s too much effort to seek truth and apply knowledge in creative ways for it may cause friction to your popularity – a contest no one seems to want to lose.  No one wants to lose.  Humility is a lesson very few are willing to learn or we experience the lesson and very quickly forget and never apply it.  Now we are left with self-righteous self-strangers preaching their alternate truth and in some cases with violent tenacity and because we are self-righteous and we refuse to entertain the possibility of another’s belief, we retaliate.  We argue and debate, convince others that they are wrong and we are right.  We call it politics.  We are turning our society into self-righteous megalomaniacs.  No one is willing compromise.  Balance cannot be reached.  What is so hard in accepting the possibility that we may be wrong?  Why have we made out “losing” and “being wrong” to be negative?  Humility and compassion just seem like something we don’t want in our education.  Instead we opt for the mucho train of thought of conquering.  Conquer what we don’t understand so that we can change it to a concept we can.  Why can’t we try understand a concept and let it be?  Why conquer something when you can understand it?

If you truly want change, it starts with you.  Yes, it’s a cliché, but perhaps there is a reason why a cliché is a cliché?  Get to know yourself, understand yourself, develop yourself and spend time with yourself.  We are complex beings made up of different facets and it is up to us to learn about ourselves, its preposterous to rely on someone else to teach you about yourself.  Be observant, all the answers of human life are happening all around us.  Be honest and be honest to yourself, we don’t always have to be right – just honest enough to admit it, learn it and apply it.  Once you are confident enough in yourself to know who you are and how to deal with yourself, then can explore the infinite possibilities; even if it doesn’t concur with what you have learned.   When you are able breakdown your dogmas and accept the possibility that you may be wrong without having to resort to confrontation, then I’d say you are on the right path.  And if you are able to stand strong and true even when your beliefs are shattered, then you are a light to others and can therefore help others.  The balance is fine and we all suffer from the ego and it is all too easy to stumble from humble teacher to a self-righteous fundamentalist.

The line is fine and to achieve and maintain balance is the challenge.  The choice is yours.  Remember you are what you want to be and we are the society we want to be.  Live the life you want

9 thoughts on “Critical Mass

  1. “The education system is shoveling unapplied knowledge to churn out reciting parrots to go work in the machine. Work, earn money and earn even more money for the all illusive man. Meanwhile we get distracted by the leisure enhancing gadgets convincing ourselves that “This is the life” and “That is life”.”

    I really feel what you’re saying on this post man, so much so that I was convicted. I often wonder what the meaning of all this is, and it’s good to find that there is someone I know who is honest enough to think about and question this reality/rat race/machine we’re living in. Sounds like science-fiction but I think we need to be more inclined to discover that “inner man”, the person that we were always meant to be. I often feel like I am living two lives, one here in the natural – and one somewhere else.

    Thanks for this post bro.

    1. Thank you Josh! Trying to figure out the bigger picture is not easy, especially with all the disinformation that’s out there. It is also blatantly obvious, with objective eyes, that we are being conditioned to think a certain way. Because our individual existence is so subjective, we tend to fear the unknown. Many of us are unable to control the reaction to that emotion and unfortunately things just escalate and unbalanced egos get in the way. That is why I think patriotism, religion and anything else that encourages some sort of competition, is not necessarily good. It can cause us to put up borders because different makes us uneasy, even fearful that we find the urge to protect our subjective views and beliefs.

      I am not a religious person, but I do believe in God, but I believe most of us don’t understand what it is. If you want to find God, and I mean really look for him, you have to look in the places where the truth takes you, and because God is infinite you are not going to find the answer in just one religious text. If you want to really understand God, you have to look into subjects like philosophy, theosophy, metaphysics, occult, supernatural, etc. From what I have found so far is that God is not necessarily a personality, because giving God a personality is making him human. He is not. It is a deep subject, and truth can only be found within each individual, by the individual. If one is not searching for truth, which in my opinion is God, then what are we doing? Truth can be found almost everywhere, but it is our perception of truth which is tricky. If we are conditioned to think what truth is, how are we to know if it really is truth? It needs to be found, and to find truth the right questions need to be asked. I believe you are asking yourself the right questions and you are asking the right person – YOU. Keep it up 🙂

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