A new year, a new beginning…

A happy new year to my readers, I trust the last of your 2012 was fantastic and your 2013 is off to a positive start.

This past festive season has been an enlightening time for me. I cannot explain, but it truly feels as though I see things slightly more clearly. Throughout the year our experience and decisions somewhat accumulate and ofttimes we are unable to deal with them and give them their due attention. Sometimes it is hard to confront situations and people and we end up dismissing them and we convince ourselves that we will deal with it a bit later. These issues don’t get resolved and you will often find that it’s these issues that weigh heavy on your mind and anchor you down, preventing you from moving on – evolving.

What we need to understand is that life and existence is not stagnant. Everything keeps on going, there is always a movement and we need to be aware so we too can “move with the times” so to speak. Nothing is ever in the same place. The earth, solar system, even our galaxy is in perpetual motion, speeding through space – every moment different in time and space to the next, an evolution if you will.

It is the natural progression of life and we should also be striving to progress – better ourselves. To do this we must learn, act and evolve and this can only be done if there is nothing holding you back. Those issues that lay unresolved are lessons waiting to be learned. To truly learn a life lesson, I believe we must live out our conclusions or morals. This, I believe, leads us to enlightenment so we can be a more evolved being, one that is more than mere flesh and bone. Our existence and being is more than just a physical. We are  intellectual, sentient beings capable of infinite imagination and higher consciousness. This makes us more evolved than animal, not better, just more evolved.

I feel we should be striving for a stronger higher consciousness as opposed to satisfying our “animal conscience”, which I think is our physical, earthly body. We have a higher consciousness, which I believe can give us control over our conditioned minds. I think we need to be awakened to our higher consciousness, which I feel can be done by truly learning life’s lessons –  find the connection between everything and live your conclusion.

There is always a price –  a cause and effect. That price is our conditioned way of thinking, which often goes against the grain of society or our selfish, animalistic tendencies.  Are you willing to pay? To let go of your conditioned way of thinking, even if that means swimming against society’s current? That is often the price – popularity.

I hope you were all able to confront those issues that may have been haunting you in 2012, and may your slate be clean for 2013. A new cycle has begun and with it will come lessons…



2012AD, the end of the world?

We living in pretty stressful times and the talk of end of times and Armageddon have become popular over the last decade. Everything from the Mayan long count calendar to a zombie apocalypse has been hyped in the media. Why are we so obsessed with our demise? Are we projecting? I have been doing some interesting reading about some ancient civilizations and how they venerated the cosmos and certain stars in the sky. It certainly seems that what we actually know of our past is almost always changing, with many so-called “facts” in school text books being manipulated and changed. This makes the quest for truth much harder, but shouldn’t prevent us from searching for it.

I wrote an article about what I have read and added my own insight to the whole 2012 possibly being the end of the world. I’ve tied in various ancient civilizations and their interest in the cosmos, including the Mayans and their famous long count calendar. Read the article here.

A new year

Christmas and New year celebrations came and they left us just as quickly.  Now we face the popular 2012.  What shall this year bring for us?  Who knows?!  But it is OK not to know.  People have become so tenacious with their ideals and what they perceive to be truth, when in actual fact we know very little about everything.  In the past we have been fed contorted truths, which has led us to feel our way around our existence with the lights turned off.  We are the blind.  All of us.  We are seldomly led by enlightened and truthful people.  Our lives and what we have become to know as society  are being led by blind shepherds.  Blind shepherds leading blind sheep.

As time has gone by we have exchanged our gut instinct, our intuition for so-called pleasure, leisure and forced perspectives.  Just like the blind are able to compensate for their lack of sight, we too should compensate with our gut feeling.  I don’t believe this world is going to end this year, but I do believe we going through pretty large changes.  Perhaps this is the year the vast majority of us will awaken and hear our inner voice which we all have that guides us.   I hope this is the year we are able to open our minds to possibilities without unnecessary confrontations.  May we stamp out our egos and evolve this year.  I wish you all the very best for 2012…

Ending of a year…

My blog has been a bit slow of late.  New post ideas have not been carried out as I intended, but I do try to keep the blog active.   I guess the thing is balance.  I have a few passions that I’ve acquired over the years and I find if I don’t give them enough attention, I feel out of balance.  A yearning will suddenly arise, perhaps the universe’s way of encouraging me to pay more attention to a particular passion I have possibly neglected for a while.  My photography has been that passion.  But whilst photography has been quiet, my musical side has been more loud and active.  Balance.  The truth is we cannot do everything all the time.  That is just asking for burnout.  But I do try to touch on each passion as often as possible, even if it’s a fraction of attention – It’s never a waste.

The experiences this year has shared with me has taught me loads.  Although it has been a trying year in all aspects, global as well as personal, I honestly do feel I have learned important life lessons.  I’ve observed life around me and though I may not know all the answers, I do know what I DON’T want to be.  My eyes are open, my mind is free and at the end of the day that is the most I can hope for.

As 2011 draws to an end, have a good think of this past year and what has happened.  Lots has happened globally as well as in our personal lives.  All the woes of the world has in some way effected us.  The people in our lives (as well as strangers) have had an effect on us.  Put this past year into perspective and hopefully that will put you on the right footing to face 2012.

I leave you with an image that, to me, represents facing the unknown.   Its one of my favourites I’ve taken.  I call it BMTH.

This image was taken at Rhodes Memorial with my trusty Canon 30D.