Statuettes and art…

I can appreciate most forms of art as long as its sincere and honest.  Sculptors who can make statuettes and characters out of a mass of material is something I admire.  It’s amazing how they can obtain different textures out of a single material.   I went to an art exhibition a while ago where they had a variety of art and they allowed photographs to be taken.  This is a few photographs of some really remarkable pieces.  I’m sorry to say I don’t have the names of the artists, which is a pity.  In any case, I hope you can enjoy their art as much as I did.

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S.I.X Art exhibition 24/01/2012

This past weekend was the tattoo convention and to launch it, Wildfire held an art exhibition featuring a wide variety of art and artists.  From tattoo inspired art to photography, everything was covered.  They even had a fully functional 6 hole tattoo-putt-putt course for visitors to play a little drunken mini-golf.  Fun!  My next post will be the actual convention, so keep a peeper on the blog for more photographs of pain…

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