This morning at 5:30 I was woken up by myself to chat with me. He said to me:

“Remember, within this objective, materialistic world of black and white in which we live, it is our ideas and thoughts that deck these forms with subjective shades. It is all of us that paint these shades of colour into life, not just one or some, but all. Not just the academic, clever and creative, but also the unfortunate, sick and condemned. Our colours will mix and bleed into others causing chaotic beauty and not all colours will harmonize for art is tragic, beautiful and challenging. Try be mindful and respectful of colours that are not of your palette, believe it or not they do tell you something even if it is seemingly abstract. Life and truth is a sum total of disgustingly gorgeous shapes and colours. Open your mind, dip your brush in a colour of thought and help paint our reality with your range and choice of colours. You are an artist, armed with a unique perspective that no one has the right to deny, just as you cannot deny that of another. It is our sum total of the objective & subjective that leads us to a paradigm which pushes, pulls & challenges us but at the fringe and periphery of this solidifying paradigm is a percentage that challenges and shifts the paradigm itself in an evolutionary movement, keeping it dynamic and alive.
Right and wrong, best and worse are objective words coloured by the opinion of perspective through experience and each experience, although humanly it may be perceived objectively, is simultaneously and uniquely subjective, as is the artist who holds the palette within.
Life is not simple, happy, sad or short, nor is it’s point the attainment of a single, tiny facet (which we have conditioned ourselves to believe is happiness). Life is a collective. We should sew and connect all the various pieces which we often see as seperate and contrary into one single picture which will bring not necessarily happiness but peace and attempt to grasp it, interact with it best we can according to our capacity which is ultimately influenced and affected by everything.
We have been creating and colouring this complex Rubik’s cube of reality, individually as well as collectively that we have forgotten to also solve for it. Solve it for your own sake. Solve it for all our sakes.”

I then dissipated, leaving myself to fall back to sleep…

Love’s artists


I believe to love is to be creative, a true art. To love, you have to be an artist and to be an artist, you have to live as one. What an art it is to create and maintain something one cannot see. What we feel as love is, I believe, a physical manifestation of love – the unseen. I feel too many have become overly fond of just the physical manifestation, that they rarely give thought & power to the unseen. Our senses rule this world & the obsession of it somewhat & somehow makes us blind. To follow your heart is to love; to love is to create and to create makes you an artist. I guess the question is; are we willing to live an artists life?

“The Creative” – Tattoo Artist (Feat. Raoul Goetze)

This is first in a series I call “The Creative”.  What I hope to do is photograph people in their artistic, creative element.  Capturing that moment of creativity, and witnessing their creation at work.

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There is nothing quite like being creative.  From the time that light bulb went off in your head and sparked that initial idea.  You focus in, slowly peeling away at your idea – discarding what you don’t like, keeping what you do.  Over time you see your creation grow ever more closer to completion.  As time moves along you notice old ideas give rise to new better ones, and slowly you see your creative work take form and shape till finally you are left with a magnificent sculpture of creativity.  You step back and look at your initial idea; all the unwanted chiselled away leaving you with your final creation and an incredible sense of accomplishment.  YOU made this out of nothing.  Just an idea.  Now THAT is extraordinary!

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